Is the table launching actually supposed to press the "start" button also or not ?


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May 3, 2019
Is the table launching actually supposed to press the "start" button also or not ?


I basically just bought all tables currently still available for pinball arcade on steam (not arcooda / cabinet version and without williams / bally ones). And i'm using the freecammod in my cabinet to let it launch the tables from inside pinballx. In order todo so i added the mod as an extra system in other systems and did not use the build in pinball arcade support of pinballx (as i it acted weird then in combination with the mod). The camera's and backglasses and dmd's seem to work fine but i'm wondering about something. Does the mod actually start gameplay also normally ? like it boots up the correct table but then i'm sometimes greeted some table info screen in pinball arcade and sometimes not and after closing that screen (manually with mouse only it seems) i have to press the start button also manually

My question is, if the mod normally closes that information screen and presses the start button automatically also or not. I'm just wondering about it as it's not doing that with me and i always have to manually use my mouse button to close the info screen if shown and press start (found no other way yet).

So maybe it used to do this with old game versions but not latest or maybe it never did this at all. It's thats what i like to know if it is implemented but just not working on my cabinet.

Aside from having to do these steps manually i got everything working for launching it from pinballx.

I tried looking up video's on youtube on people using the mod but most video's either don't show table launching or use older versions of pinball arcade well its definatly not the same one as i'm using menu wise

I did find a way to play a table immediatly if that table info screen is not shown which it does not on some tables. by pressing left or right ones (so i remapped flipper buttons to left / right) and then i can just press enter (launch button) to start the game. So i'm also wondering if there is a way to hide not make the table info show. I'm just wondering why it shows with some tables and some not and have not found a clear indicator on how to stop it from showing

EDIT: I just noticed the game normally puts the cursor on the accept / close button of those informational screens. However if i enable cabinet mode the cursor is positioned not correctly on this close screen it only is positioned correctly if cabinet mode is not enabled. I have not figured out yet what the difference is or whats causing this but it's anyoing and prevents me from using keyboard / enter key to close that dialog.
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