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Apr 19, 2012
Good table; I have to admit I wasn't really thrilled about this one coming in because the lack of multiball really generally makes a game feel lifeless to me, but this is about as good as I can see a single-ball table working.

I was actually pretty shocked by the fact that I managed to clock the scoreboard and get all the goals within an hour (my best game was 16.7 million but only shows as 9,999,999 in the list.) When I first unlocked the Wizard goal list I thought, "Hell, there's probably no way I'll ever get 3 of those," and then proceeded to somehow get them ALL in one game. It was crazy, because I'm by no means a top-level player.

I especially cringed at the 500,000 Skill Shot, because it took me what seemed like forever with quick restarts to even get the first 100K skill shot. I just don't feel like the analog plunging works well at all in the PC version. Building it up to 5x AND hitting the 100K shot seemed impossible, but I nabbed a few extra balls and took my chances. The first one came up JUST short, and the second attempt (out of 3) just BARELY squeaked over into the 100K spot. I was ecstatic, to say the least, especially considering how lousy I am at precision plunging in this game.

The other one that seemed daunting was getting the 2 Million shot. I so often choke on time-limited shots, so even getting it to the million opportunity, much less doing that AND enabling double scoring seemed highly unlikely. I actually kind of got it by accident, in that I went ahead and activated double scoring, then looked up and saw the Comet score was flashing 100K, so I made the shot and suddenly realized I had the opportunity to get the Wizard goal right now. It was a tense wait for the ball to wiggle down to the inlane, but I fired straight and true and nailed it.

I'll always remember this table as the first one that made me briefly feel like a virtual pinball God, but I'm also a bit sad that I've already pretty much done and seen everything it has to offer in a single hour. But it was an exhilarating hour, I'll say that much. Well worth it.


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Jul 12, 2014
Happy to have the table. Probably will not go into my rotation, but i like having change of pace tables in my collection and this hits the spot, especially after SST and TAF.

Now bring on Hurricane!


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Aug 27, 2014
fun pin -kudos farsight! it was a bit of a surprise table (like ST) when the hint came out. Hadn't heard much chatter about this table prior to its announcement. But lots of fun and glad to have it - wonder if FS is planning on the completing the series since they don't seem to shy when it comes to "collecting them all" - if nothing else for posterity.

considering jackbot and HS2 coming up - the only series pins in TPA (i believe) unfinished is party animals


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Jan 30, 2015
Cyclone is a table I could never own. Not that I don't enjoy it, I do. Not that it's not nastalgic for me, it is. My wife is afraid of clowns. Lol theme killer for home use, but that's the beauty of TPA, non-issue.
I don't need multi-ball to make me happy, and I like ramps which this game has. But finally got it on iOS, enjoy it and will see if it has lasting power once I put up a huge score. Cheers


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Apr 15, 2014
lol YAY yah, such horrible news i just discovered it updating right now, i spilt my drink! ;) awesome-o! :) now next can't wait for that ps3 update...

p.s. 'horrible' in jest of course ;) ... think i was thinking how horrid most iOS games are to try in general; either no demo version, or requires an online connection to play. seems like "demo mode" has gone way of the birds for most!

pps: first try at iOS cyclone, and by default i change my ball to the "zebra" pattern, cuz that's what i find works best for me on iOS/simpler shading... INVISIBLE BALL! well almost entirely; very greatly shaded in its opacity according to its texture pattern (alpha vs. texture?) so i try another custom ball to compare, i think the 8-ball, and again - (mostly) invisible ball!

-then- i go back to the default ball to play the table with - PERFECTO; it appears! :) somehow, some weird way it appears custom ball selection is applying the texture also to the alpha channel? or something like that? you can -almost- see the ball, but not quite, if i select a custom ball design!! what up wit dat?
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