Request Option to turn off the playfield level DMD

Neil L

New member
Aug 5, 2012
Could the option to turn off the eye level DMD be added, so you have these options on the DMD button: Both/HUD(only)/Playfield Level (Only).

I prefer playing with the HUD display showing but the playfield level one showing also is a bit off-putting.


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Jun 26, 2013
You have a DMD button ? I would love to be able to move the DMD. Whenever I have to try to do the stupid jump over the random small items mission I cqnt see the crap I need to jump over until I am falling over it. The right 3/4 of the bottom 1/4 of the DMD is covered by plastic in my view. Why doesn't Android have a DMD option ?


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Feb 14, 2013
The playfield dmd is part of the real game, and thus cannot be turned off. :)

That said, some camera angles will probably hide it, and in this case it should get relocated.

What would be awesome is an option for 2.0h home roms in a pro mode.

Home roms have a LOT of new features and bugfixes for this game.

1) New copycat video mode from sideshow.
2) sneaky lock for getting a ball into the juggler when it's not supposed to be there. (Yes this can and does happen in TPA)
3) two extra phases for Join the Cirqus! One whee you have to shoot spinners, and the other one where you have to score hurryups.
4) ability to restart any multiball by starting another. this means you can actually stack five at once now (!)
5) option for chose a skill shot. instead of it locked on points you are given 5 choices and you time your shot.

there are many other minor tweaks, but these are the big ones.

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