Over the River

I've started playing in a new league over on the Missouri side of the river, hosted by Third Rail Bar and Grill. Not a bad change of pace, I can get dinner on location (try the Train Wreck burger, very tasty, but be hungry - it's 3/4 lb of hamburger and beef brisket!), and new players to meet and compete with is always nice...not that the old ones were bad! :p

Apparently even a change of venue isn't enough to get me out of my streak of mediocrity though - 11 points out of 20 this week. But since I've never played these particular machines before, I'll take it and run! :D

Another shock for me - these machines actually require coins to operate. (The machines at CP Pinball, my usual haunt, are all on free play.) Of course, I left my quarters at home like a noob. Thankfully management had thoughtfully provided a change machine!

What we're playing this season:

AC/DC Premium
Avengers LE (Hulk)
Playboy (Bally)
Evel Knievel
Iron Man
Ripley's Believe It or Not!
Silver Slugger
Tron Legacy LE (and no, despite having played it, I have no idea why people are paying $15,000 for this machine! - I mean, it's very nice, but not $15K nice.)
Wheel of Fortune
X-Men LE (Wolverine)

I guess I better get more practice in on modern Sterns...sigh...


Active member
Apr 24, 2012
I like AC/DC but it is so complicated! I need a TPA-style rule explanation which I guess would be like 500 pages long. What do you think of Avengers?

Sean DonCarlos

Staff member
Mar 17, 2012
It looks like it's going to rain all weekend here, so maybe I'll take a break from the TZ and do a forum write-up for AC/DC. It won't be complete...as you say, AC/DC makes TZ look like an EM!...but I think I can explain enough that you can step up to the machine with reasonable confidence.

Avengers, like X-Men, is not growing on me, but several other players like it.