Pinball Arcade changes resolution after finishing first game (any table)


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Sep 26, 2014
I connected my pincab to internet today and it updated steam, pinball arcade and freecamera mod

I tried to play like I used to but when I finish my first game I get black bars on the sides of the playfield.
If I restart the game it's back to 1080*1920 but I have to do it after each game so it's not a solution.

Is there a fix for that?

Also I'm trying to setup PinballX to launch the tables with freecam. Is there a recent guide to setup that?
I hope this could fix my problem as the interface from pinball arcade shouldn't show up.

I tried with an old guide but everything changed and it's not working at all, bad luck

I managed to make PinballY work with FreeCam and even if the interface still show up after a game over, the black bars disappear as soon as I start a new game.
So, it's fixed.


Now I just need to find how to save the DMD position on my VPX tables :confused: There is always something...
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Mar 12, 2015
The black bars aren't a bug and as u've noticed they disappear once the game is started.

To save the DMD position, right click it and a menu will show up.

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