Pinball FX to offer a subscription model and micro transactions.


Mar 25, 2013
Had an idea on how they make the subscription modal more palpable:
- Offer 120 tickets a month with the subscription price. This would allow a person at the end of the month (or year) to buy a few tables to own. It would also make that crazy $15 a month price more reasonable (100 tickets is $10 BTW)
- Offer some exclusive cosmetic stuff every 6 months or so. Yours to keep even when the subscription ends. Could be new name banners/profile graphics, some stuff to put on the shelf, a poster, ect.
- Have some exclusive cosmetics that are only active while you have the subscription active

This is basically what they did with Fallout 76 with their subscription model. They use "Atoms" instead of tickets. For $10 you can get 1000 Atoms to spend on the store. But for $13 a month subscription you get 1200 Atoms plus a bunch of other exclusive stuff while you had that subscription active. And it worked out that getting the subscription for a month here and there was a decent deal.

Granted all the Fallout 76 store content was cosmetic and Pinball FX store content is actual content but right now the subscription prices on their own doesn't make sense.

In any case just an idea.