Real Tables (cont.)


Oct 31, 2015
I finally made it out to the Pastimes in Niles (Girard?), Ohio. A large establishment, with a lot of machines. They had a really good cross section of 50/60's, 70's, 80/90s, and a few more recent machines. They had a lot of banners along the wall with information about genre defining games which was neat. The place was very busy, full parking lot (Tournament, party, and the weekend). They probably could use a bathroom expansion. But as busy as it was, there were plenty of tables to play.

Got to see and play my first Zaccaria tables. Unfortunately, a couple were down, a couple were stuck or no functional enough. Got to play Spooky a few times. Hitting that left ramp is so much easier in real life! Didn't see Centaur, they had Centaur II, but the table had no ball, which makes playing pinball harder.

Saw a number of older machines. There was a Super Par Golf game that was pretty cool. I think you play that enough, you'll get tired of it, but I really loved the design of it. There was a similar baseball game as well (with up to six players). They had Hercules and the large Flintstone table, both of which are real cool to see, but not as much to play.

I'm happy this place opened, it is half the distance that the Pinball Coin-Op Museum is from my home.


Mar 21, 2014
I've been there twice now. Had an absolute blast. It's about 80 miles away from my house, but very much worth the trip.

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