1. Y

    Real Tables (cont.)

    I finally made it out to the Pastimes in Niles (Girard?), Ohio. A large establishment, with a lot of machines. They had a really good cross section of 50/60's, 70's, 80/90s, and a few more recent machines. They had a lot of banners along the wall with information about genre defining games...
  2. Ian Longstaff

    Latest Digital Pinball tables released

    🆃🅻🅴 + 🆁🆄🅽🅳 + 🆄 ①③ A round up of most of the tables releases over the last 2 weeks ( I dont do tables that have only a slight update or fix ) Links are at the end to the sites to download from.
  3. Carl Spiby

    Extremely slow table downloads

    Up until earlier this week table downloads worked fine, now they are extremely slow, I have a 40mbit connection and everything else is fine. This is a test done from my phone which I'm trying to download the tables on to. Do you currently have...
  4. M

    Which tables work best on a phone?

    Hello! I downloaded TPA to play on my tablet, but was pleasantly surprised to discover that it works very well on my phone (a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, a comparatively low powered Android device) too. So that set me wondering, what criteria do you think make a table work on a phone, and which ones...
  5. T

    PS Vita - Request What's the hold-up?

    Ive got the first four games on my Vita, (TotAN, RBIoN, BH, ToM) but no Challenge Mode or Tournament Mode is available so far, and no further tables are available yet. Are others experiencing these delays or is it just in my area?

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