Score a 300M Missy Jackpot Wizard Goal


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Jul 16, 2013
I'm really surprised that nobody has talked about this here. I really struggled with this one. This is a really tough wizard goal due to the table redesign. The goal is very similar to the 300M Davros Jackpot goal on the original Dr. Who table, but it's even harder to pull off for a few reasons.

First, the display is total crap! You have no idea what level of Missy you are on unless you keep track of it yourself. And even then, I personally found the jackpot progression confusing. It doesn't seem to match the instructions and was unclear to me on the original Dr. Who table. But on this new skin you have to know how it works or make your best guess because all the display shows is "Missy" with no amount.

Second, the multiplier indicator is confusing and takes some getting used to. Again, there are no nice numbers to tell you what your multiplier is, just blurry blinking bars you have to interpret.

And finally, instead of just hitting three holes to score a jackpot, you have to hit a moving target 3 times. And Missy makes it even harder by putting up a shield that stays up for 4 seconds and only goes down for a 1 second before going back up.

Scoring the 300M Missy Jackpot can be done using a multiplier on an early Missy Jackpot or with no multiplier on the base 300M Missy Jackpot. In this video I scored the first Missy Jackpot with the wrong multiplier at 11:16 in the video below. I didn't realize I had already hit her twice or I would've waited until the multiplier went down to 3x (it was at 3.5x) before hitting her a final time. Sadly I was only about 2 seconds early on the final hit and I would've had a 300M Missy Jackpot. :( However, shortly later I was able to use a 1.5x multiplier to score the 300M jackpot on the Missy 200M jackpot.



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Jun 3, 2018
It's the most effed up wizard goal I've encountered so far, and I'm really close to just giving up on it. They reskinned the table, so why was it so hard for them to indicate which MISSY jackpot you're on? I even got used to the crappy multiplier indicator, but the jackpot progression is just ridiculous.

Do you know if the jackpot level goes down by 1 if you lose 1 ball out of 3, or do you need to lose 2 balls out of 3 for it to go down?

What's the fastest way to get MISSY jackpot figure to show up? I tried starting the first 3-ball jackpot, and then draining the balls, but it does not seem to work?

EDIT: I finally got it. My only tip is what I read in Pro-Menu. If you shoot Fury target the force field gets disabled for 2 seconds and you can hit Missy with top right flipper.
Make sure to charge the Multiplier to 4X right before you start multiball, and after that just go nuts shooting at the targets to get them down. The timing usually works out just right where you are at 3X as the force field appears.

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