Third Rail to Nowhere

Well, another league season in the can. Numerically, this did not turn out so well: 14th of 22. However, I'm actually more satisfied with my play than I was in my first two seasons.

How can this be? There are 7 groups in our league. Win your group one week and you move up a group, lose and you drop a group. The last two seasons I was all over the board - sometimes in the bottom group even. This season I never dropped below the 4th group - that is to say, I've always been playing at least the "average" group, and often a higher one. So I've been doing slightly worse points-wise, but I've been doing it against stronger competition than before...and more consistently, despite that horribly embarrassing zero a few weeks ago. My shot accuracy is somewhat improved - as long as I'm calm, which is not often! - and my nudging is somewhat less heavy-handed than before the season.

Personal league high scores from this season, for those who are interested:

Third Rail - Summer 2013 League
High Score
AC/DC Let There Be Rock LE (v1.65)54,937,960*
Avengers Hulk LE11,280,860
Playboy (Bally)89,120
Evel Knievel73,800
Iron Man (5 balls)20,483,030
Ripley's Believe It or Not!3,952,570*
Silver Slugger4,070,330
Simpsons Pinball Party, The27,279,540
Tron Legacy LE22,652,990
Wheel of Fortune15,685,930
X-Men Wolverine LE15,529,850

* These two machines are particularly evil compared to others I've played. The AC/DC is pitched steep and is consistently clean and fast; the RBION has blinding LEDs in it and the ramps often reject.

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