WIsh I had gotten in on the tuning...


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Feb 14, 2013
Yeah i've actually finished the tour too. not on mobiel though. only on PC, which is easy mode.


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Feb 2, 2013
TAF is designed to be appealing to wide range of players, beginners AND experts like, and that's why it may seem too easy for some. For those saying that it is too easy, let me ask you a simple question: How many of you have actually finished TTM? I believe not many. I haven't succeeded reaching that goal and I played this table for years IRL. So we can't say it's "too easy", can we?

In TPA, twice in one game, only to pause the game to eat something & come back to app crash on unlocking the iPad. Any suggestions for how to avoid that?

IRL, once, by timing out Tunnel Hunt, Seance, and Hit Cousin Itt. Probably shouldn't have held the ball through Itt, but I didn't want to risk a drain.


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May 3, 2013
Nice. I haven't got past Seance, that's farthest i got 'till now. Then the Power did what it knows best - drained my ball. That's of course in TPA. On a real machine I think once or twice when I played for free :)


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Apr 19, 2012
Well, I did end up getting the Bear Kicks goal finally. I really didn't start making an effort at it until probably about my sixth or seventh ball when I noticed it had gotten up to around 60 or so. It just turned out to be such a ridiculously long game that I basically couldn't help but get it. Finished with 4 Tours of the Mansion and around 2.7 billion points. Still haven't even gotten really close on the Million Plus shot; I think that one will remain elusive simply because it just takes one slip-up or bad break to set you back to square one.

I think I've "clocked" the table enough that I should move on to other tables for a while, but boy is it still fun even though it's definitely a little too easy. If nothing else, I still have that Million Plus goal to shoot for when I get back around to it. Always nice to have a goal to shoot for, even a kind of arbitrary and ridiculous one.