December 21, 2012[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]


We are very excited to announce that this fantastic table is now available in the Pinball Arcade for iOS, Mac, and Android! This table will also be released on other supported platforms as soon as possible. We want to acknowledge the amazing support our Kickstarter backers have shown in funding the up-front licensing costs for this table. Thanks to you we?re able to offer this table for only $4.99 (instead of the $9.99 we had planned), despite having to pay a royalty on each sale that is several times higher than most other tables. The Table of the Month is still No Good Gofers?, which can be played for free.

Star Trek: The Next Generation? is another incredible design from Steve Ritchie. Based on the hit television series, it puts players in the roll of an honorary Starfleet Officer serving next to their favorite characters from the show. Features include eight different U.S.S Enterprise missions, many Multi-Ball Modes, Holodeck Video Modes and opportunities to advance in rank. One unique feature is a patented, below the playfield multiple ball delivery system, which results in continuous gameplay when balls on the playfield fall into a cellar hole. With its amazing feature set, custom speech by eight original cast members and the show?s theme song and music, this table appeals to all players but is a Star Trek fan?s dream come true.

X-Play Names the Pinball Arcade Best Mobile Game Of 2012!

We are very happy to be named Best Mobile Game of 2012 by X-Play!

See the full list here: By clicking on the title of the award you can watch the segment they aired about it.

We owe it all to you, our supporters. We sincerely thank you for all of your support and for helping make us the best mobile game of 2012! You guys are awesome!

Announcing Pro versions of Star Trek and Medieval Madness!

This month we are pleased to announce new Pro versions of Star Trek? and Medieval Madness! Rumor has it that you can use the operator's menu in Medieval Madness Pro to turn off Family Mode and hear the original voice-over from the unrated ROM as you play the game- very cool! This brings the total number of Pro versions available to 5, including Twilight Zone, Scared Stiff, and Tales of the Arabian Nights. Pro version support for the PS3 and PS Vita will be released with the next update.

New User Interface

The new update fearures a brand-new user interface built around easier access to your tables! The new interface will be rolled out for all platforms over the next few months. The interface initially works only on a landscape orientation, but we are working on a portrait orientation that will be released in the January update. The pinball tables can still be played in either portrait or landscape modes. Tell us what you think of the new interface!

Playstation Update

Twilight Zone and Table Pack 7: Scared Stiff and Big Shot for both Europe and North America have been submitted to Sony and are in review. They will be available in late January or early Febuary.

XBox 360 Update

We are happy to announce that we've selected a new publisher for the Xbox 360 version of the Pinball Arcade! We are in the final stages of contracting, and we will make an announcement when we know when new tables will be released for the Xbox 360. Thanks for your patience during this transition!

Nintendo Wii-U Update

Pinball Arcade for the Wii-U is now in the hands of Nintendo! We will make an annoucement when we know more about the release date.

iOS/OSX and PC Update

iOS and OSX/Mac - Star Trek? was just released for Mac and for iOS.

PC - We are at #83 on Steam Greenlight! We need to get to the top 20 to be published. Please tell your friends, family, dentist, podiatrist, grocer etc. to vote for us using the link below! If we keep spreading the word, we will get there!


We are releasing a second beta version of our new Tournament Mode to all of our players on iOS and Android this month. This Beta tournament features the four launch tables and Big Shot and is free. Based on your position in the rankings for each table, you will be awarded a point value between 1 and 100. The person with the most points when the tournament is over will be the winner. You will need to be logged into your Pinball Arcade account while playing. Good luck, everyone!



PC World announced the best products in a wide array of categories, compiling them into a list of the top 100 products to come out in 2012. We certainly weren't expecting them to name The Pinball Arcade on this list as we continue to work towards the launch of the PC version. We are very honored by their recognition.

"Whether you?re a pinball wizard or you?ve never heard of these classic amusements, you owe it to yourself to check out these faithful reproductions"

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Merry Christmas, and thank you very much for supporting the Pinball Arcade!