October 29, 2012[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]

Table Pack #7: Scared Stiff? and Big Shot? has just been released for OSX, iOS and Android. These classics are great tables that we hope you all enjoy. The Table of the Month is No Good Gofers?, which can be played for free if you haven?t bought Table Pack #6.

Scared Stiff? is another amazing game featuring Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. It was designed by Mark Weyna and Dennis Nordman, who also designed Elvira and the Party Monsters?. The players are challenged with completing the six Tales of Terror in order to achieve the ultimate goal: to rise to the level of Scared Stiff. A unique feature is an interactive 3-D spinning spider on the backglass.

Big Shot? is the two player version of the 1973 table Hot Shot. This pool themed game is very popular among expert players and collectors because of the skill required to hit the 14 drop targets. There were only 2900 units manufactured despite the fact that the gameplay is now considered classic.

We have Videos!!!

We present some really cool videos to sync with the release of Table Pack7!

First is the video footage of gameplay from Scared Stiff!!!


After that, how about some footage of Big Shot gameplay!!!


And finally, a very special promo thanks to a very special woman: Elvira!!!


Playstation Update

New title updates for PS3 and PSVita have been released. Thanks to Sony's help in North America, Table Pack 6: Elvira and the Party Monsters? and No Good Gofers? will be available on Oct. 30th in time for Halloween. Table Pack 5: Harley-Davidson?, Third Edition and Taxi? will appear in the menu with this update. Harley and Taxi are currently expected to be released in North America on Nov. 6th, so those two tables may not be available until then even though they appear in the menu now.

European PS3/Vita Release Dates:

Table Pack 1: Medieval Madness? and Bride of Pinbot? was released on Sept 19th.

Table Pack 2: Cirqus Voltaire? and Funhouse? was released on Oct. 3rd.

Table Pack 3: Gorgar? and Monster Bash? was released on Oct. 10th.

Table Pack 4: Creature from the Black Lagoon? and Black Knight? was released on Oct. 17th.

Table Pack 5: Harley Davidson, Third Edition? and Taxi? is to be released on Nov. 7th.

Table Pack 6: Elvira and the Party Monsters? and No Good Gofers? is to be released on Nov. 21st.

XBox 360 Update

FarSight offers its apologies for the delays in releasing additional content for the Xbox 360 of Pinball Arcade. We want to assure 360 players that these delays are temporary and we fully intend to continue supporting this console. The issues are not the fault of Microsoft nor are they due to the title update procedure. The 360 is the only platform that we cannot publish on directly. Selling digital content requires a current Publishing License Agreement (PLA) with Microsoft to release games. We are working through complications regarding our publisher Crave Entertainment filing bankruptcy. At this moment, we are not able to submit new content. However, we expect to start rolling out the updates shortly and catch the Table Pack releases on 360 up to the other platforms within a few months.

iOS/OSX and PC Update

iOS - Table Pack 7: Scared Stiff and Big Shot was just released.

OSX/Mac - Table Pack #6: Elvira and the Party Monsters? and No Good Gofers? was released on Oct. 20th. Table Pack 7: Scared Stiff? and Big Shot? was released today.

PC - We are at #92 on Steam Greenlight! We need to get to the top 20 to be published! Please vote for us at:


Announcing the Pro Menu!

The first Pro Menu has been released on Tales of the Arabian Nights for iOS and Android. This is an exciting new feature that will give players a wide variety of options and modes to play with, as well as tracking in-game stats. The options and modes in this Pro Menu are:

Operators Menu:

Set how easy it is to earn extra balls and how many can be earned
Set the number of balls per game
Set how long the ball saver lasts
Set how long the Shooting Stars stay lit
Track your in-game stats, i.e. number of times Genie Multiball was started
Explore Table Mode: gives you camera control so you can look around the table and explore each playfield.

Ball Control: control the ball with the touch screen, disabling gravity and giving you complete control over the bal(s) in play.

Finally, in the Pro Menu: access Pro Tips from the IFPA (International Flipper Pinball Association) pros themselves!

All of this is available when you upgrade your table to the Pro Version!

Now For Something a Bit Different:

We have, in our studio, 20+ real working tables! These tables are what we use when we create a digital version for our game. Above is the first in a series of pics that will be featured in the coming issues of the newsletter. Who knows? We might end up revealing a table or two. :)


Believe it or not! We have hinted at this and we have talked about this and now we are announcing this!! We will be releasing the beta of our tournaments. This will be an open tournament, featuring the first four tables we released: Tales of the Arabian Nights, Black Hole, Ripley's Believe It or Not, and Theatre of Magic. This will be open for everyone on iOS and Android next month.

Pinball NYC

We were pleased to help sponsor a real pinball tournament for Pinball New York City!

Pinball NYC was founded in late 2010 with a mission to help promote and revive pinball in New York City. At the heart of Pinball NYC is a competitive team league which currently features 18 teams and more than 125 competitors. Every team has a "home" bar, and every week they play against another team either at home, or at their opponent's bar.

While the league is the main component of Pinball NYC, it is not the only one. They also host pinball parties and tournaments throughout the year, and help promote local pinball related news and events on their website: (www.pinballnyc.com)

They actually have a team of young players whose captain discovered the league after first discovering pinball on his iPhone.

We're very happy that pinball is experiencing a resurgence. We like to think that this is due in part to our efforts and organizations like Pinball New York City!

Video Interviews Are Now!

We?ve been conducting video interviews with several legendary table designers and pinball players. The first interview we have for you all is Josh Sharpe, son of legendary pinball wizard Roger Sharpe. In this video he is talking to us about our approval process that happens before a table can be submitted to anyone for release.

This video can be seen at:


Twilight Zone!!! Coming in November!!!

Kickstarter Update video is coming this week!

Twilight Zone? is coming!!! TWILIGHT ZONE IS COMING!!!!! Let us know your comments on our Facebook page!

Thank you very much for supporting the Pinball Arcade!