Zen Studios have announced via their reddit forum that Pinball FX won't have cross-platform support or legacy discounts when it launches on consoles on February 16th.

Announcement below:

Dear Pinball Fans,

We would like to share some news regarding Pinball Pass and Legacy Discounts that relate to the February 16 launch of Pinball FX.

Pinball Pass​

As we have previously announced, Pinball Pass is designed to be the connective tissue across platforms, allowing players the ability to play Pinball FX on any platform of their choice as part of the subscription.
Cross-commerce functionality will arrive at a date after launch. The Pinball Pass will release on February 16 with the launch and will still be a convenient way for players to enjoy most of the Pinball FX content. However, due to some unexpected technical delays, the systems are not yet in place to launch the Pinball Pass as intended and make it cross-platform.
We apologize for this delay and we hope to make this happen as soon as we can.

Legacy Discounts on PlayStation and Xbox​

As we have switched from offering content sales from the Pinball FX in-game store to regional storefronts, we are not able to plan sales on our own schedule. Offering content discounts now relies on participation in curated sales events with PlayStation and Xbox, which takes extra lead time and coordination.

As such, we are not able to offer Legacy Content discounts at launch, rather at some point in the near future once curated sales are secured. We plan to offer 33% discounts on all legacy content as soon as possible.
We will confirm sales events once they are locked in with PlayStation and Xbox.