Digital pinball cabinet maker, Sharpin, are launching their first digital pinball game. The game will not only be playable on the Sharpin devices but also on Android and iOS devices too.

Founder of Sharpin, Michael Gruber, told us that "I've been selling pinball machines for a few years now and it was always a dream to offer games as well."


The Sharpin Ultra

The table, Space Commander, has been inspired by retro digital pinball tables - Ignition from Pinball Dreams, and Space Cadet, which used to be bundled with the Windows operating system.

The company say that the game will be free to play, and that in the first season, the player with the best high score can win digital pinball machine, Sharpin Ultra as a prize.

We'll update with more news about Space Commander when we get it. In the meantime, here's a preview video: