The Pinball Arcade once again missed being greenlit on February 26th and the project is still sitting at #85 on Steam's Greenlight Top 100. The Pinball Arcade needs to maintain a steady stream of voters to allow it to climb the charts and get as close to the Top 10 as possible to have the best possible chance of being greenlit, so please take a minute to VOTE for The Pinball Arcade on Steam Greenlight.[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]

If you don't currently have a Steam account, please take a minute to create one and get the priviledge to vote by doing the following : Create an account → download and install Steam on your PC → purchase a $0.99 game HERE or HERE or any other game you may be interested in → you now have the priviledge to vote.

Everyone who has voting privledges, please take a minute to cast a vote for The Pinball Arcade HERE.