1. Bally's World Cup Soccer coming to Pinball FX – with Fifa licence

    Bally's World Cup Soccer coming to Pinball FX – with Fifa licence

    On the latest Pinball Show, Zen Pinball have announced that Bally's World Cup Soccer will be coming to Pinball FX. The table originally launched in 1994 to coincide with the 1994 World cup, which was held in the US. It was designed by Larry DeMar and John Popadiuk. The table was first made...
  2. Which Williams tables that were previously on The Pinball Arcade would you like next from Pinball FX?

    Which Williams tables that were previously on The Pinball Arcade would you like next from Pinball FX?

    So far, Zen Studio's have reproduced 19 Williams/Bally tables that were previously available on Farsight's The Pinball Arcade. So which classic would you like to see them tackle next? Speaking of tackling, we have omitted World Cup/Champion Soccer from the poll as Zen have given a few hints that...
  3. Zacattack99

    WMS table preservation KickStarter

    One Idea I had going around was to have a KickStarter campaign to insure those 61 Williams and Bally machines will not leave. My question is will you pledge to keep those 61 tables intact? If so, how much?
  4. weirdproq

    Best of the Rest: Williams/Bally DMD's (select two)

    What Bally/Williams DMD table, out of what's left would you like to see in the next season? You can select up to two options.
  5. V

    Request The Shadow and World Cup Soccer

    I see that there are still two spots for tables in Season 5 after the Doctor Who table, so I think it would be wise to add these two classic tables into the game now. The Shadow is one of the best tables out there, actually being ranked 29th highest right now on Pinside, and should not be that...
  6. weirdproq

    Last 11 Bally DMD machines

    Vote which of the last 11 Bally tables you'd wish would come to TPA (No Party Zone or Addams Family since there coming, but includes prototype The Pinball Circus). - You can vote up to 3.
  7. AtomicDragon

    Request Medusa (maybe?)

    Medusa • Bally • 1981 I must admit I have vague memories of this table. I only played this over 3 to 4 day period at a campground rec room in New Hampshire way back in the day (1983 I think). It's pretty rare. I would like to say I know a lot about this table or that I liked it a lot, but It's...
  8. D

    Request Doctor Who by Bally. Who's With Me?

    I know, it only has the "classic" Doctors, villans, gadgets and such. But for anyone (especially Doctor Who fans), this game was a dream-come-true. Now, come on, who doesn't like hearing the sound of the Master laughing at you when the ball drains? So, yes, Pinball Arcade, please get the...
  9. A

    Seeking Information an a 1956 Bally Magic Pool Pin Pool Table

    My grandfather left behind an old bally Magic Pool table and I am trying to find anything i can about the table. Has a few minor issues such as a bumper broken that needs replacing. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  10. todoledo

    Request KISS pinball from BALLY?? Any chance of this table being released on Pinball Arcade?

    I was wondering if there was any news on the rumor I heard about getting a license to release the KISS pinball game from Bally in the 1970's? How about other rock acts tables such as Ted Nugent, Guns N Roses, or Metallica? :cool: thanks and cheers! My xbox 360 gamer tag is :THE FOG 666
  11. E

    Williams System 11 owners please help!

    I've just bought a Williams Fire! pinball machine (system 11a) that was set on free play and working when I went to collect it but had to unplug the back box to get it through the door. It's all connected up again now but it's been restored to factory settings so I need to turn free play on...

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