1. F

    Crash after playing Centaur - Patch 1.28

    Theory: If I play Centaur either stand alone or in a Challenge where Centaur is part of the challenge, I will have a crash the 2nd time I try to enter play Centaur or enter a Challenge with Centaur in the challenge. Has happened 3 times. I'm working on reproducing it to minimal steps.
  2. shofixti

    iOS - Bug World Champion Soccer crashes on every launch

    Playing on an original iPad air. It's certainly got a bit slower over time, but this table is the only 100% crasher for me. Anyone else having this problem? Is this a known issue?
  3. G

    Bug I can't buy Sorcerer for TPA on Xbox One. Plz fix before June 30th!

    Ever since the rest of season 7 released to XBO last week, I haven't been able to buy this separately as an error message says that the corresponding store item page isn't available. I can't even find the DLC on the webstore. I don't want to buy the whole season bundle just to get this great...
  4. F

    Bug Black Knight "Last Chance" broken

    In Black Knight, with locked balls on the last ball of the game, the left and right outlane rollovers are lit for "Last Chance." This used to release a locked ball for continued play and this feature worked until sometime recently. Now the game ends prematurely when the ball enters a lit...
  5. proco

    Bug What even?

  6. weirdproq

    PC - Bug Loud Mechanical noise appears after closing the pause menu

    I don't know why, but every time I play this machine on Steam it seems to randomly play this loud mechanical noise. It seems to happen when I close the pause menu. Sometimes it stops after a while, but one time it just kept playing. Then I tried pausing the game and closing the pause menu. It...
  7. weirdproq

    Bug Bone Busters freezes menu UI

    I tried playing Bone Busters twice earlier, and when I pressed start to go to the table the whole menu ui just froze. The cursor was still active, but the menu froze. I had waited about a minute for the table to load, but nothing happened. I think I also noticed that the music wasn't playing...
  8. G

    Bug Big Buttons

    Sigh...when I updated Getaway today, the gear shifter no longer appears correctly. In fact, all of these games: HSII, NF, JD, SST, JB, BK (it's broken enough already), HD, and BBI have big buttons or in the case of HSII and JD, visual glitches. The rest of the on screen buttons are fine...
  9. J

    PS3 - Bug Multiball glitch from "free" locks...

    I've always enjoyed playing No Good Gofers since I started playing The Pinball Arcade. There's one thing that's always seemed to annoy me, though: One of the randomized awards from completing a hole on this table is "Free Lock". NGG seemingly doesn't want to honor this reward; whenever I...
  10. P

    Bug Eight ball deluxe

    Game always locks up after last ball drains, only way to continue is to exit table and lose progress so no high score is entered. Kindle fire 10.
  11. Fred van Noije

    iOS - Bug Suddenly ball speed increase

    Since one month, i have a sudden ball speed increase , esspecially when the ball is in left or right lane This happens with all of the pinball tables. When the ball is in a lane it suddenly speeds up very much, and before i use the flipper its down the drain. I know i am getting old, but the...
  12. spoonman

    Bug Scared Stiff - I completed all Wizard Goals, received the trophy, but...

    I finally finished the last needed Wizard goal for Scared Stiff, "Activate Spider Mania", which took me years to do. I received the trophy for completing all of the goals, but now I just booted it up again and it shows that I still need to complete "Activate Spider Mania" again!! I'm definitely...
  13. weirdproq

    PC - Bug No Good Gofers right flipper misaligned

    The right flipper has been misaligned on No Good Gofers ever since the update that update all the tables flipper physics on PC.
  14. P

    Bug Personalized Leaderboard - Add User - Error: Ambiguous

    What is it supposed to mean when you try to add a user to your personalized leaderboard, and you get "Error: Ambiguous"?
  15. M

    Android - Bug TOTAN displays advert after game

    I've bought all the seasons so far (and a few balls). That's more money than I ever expected to spend on an Android game, so... eta - I think FarSight are going to have a few grumpy emails on Monday. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you shouldn't upload a new version of your game just...
  16. A

    Bug Portrait mode doesn't work anymore!

    Since last TPA update portrait mode doesn't work anymore, if I start a game first of all I have to press the start button twice (pressed once and waited a while but then nothing happens), then I see for a second that the screen goes back to landscape and then turns black, after a few seconds a...
  17. M

    [Android v3.4] Flickering flipper textures

    Decided to try out Zaccaria but I seem to have an issue with flickering flippers on every single table. The screen is also cropped but I'm not sure if it's supposed to be this way or not. I turned off every graphical enhancement I could to no avail. Is anyone experiencing this? I'm running...
  18. M

    Balls rolling back through spinners deflecting unnaturally?

    On Space Shuttle and possibly other tables (Circus looks like a contender, though I can't find any videos of gameplay to confirm), if the ball rolls slowly back through a spinner it takes a deflection that doesn't look natural. Looking at this video posted by night, I think it ought to roll...
  19. weirdproq

    PC - Bug Camera fixed farther back than it should be

    With the Starship Troopers table pack now out, the camera on Earthshaker is all wonky. It only shows the bottom half of the playfield on all camera angles. When I have the scroll up option on it goes to the middle of the playfield when the balls at the top. Please fix ASAP!
  20. Toolinit

    Bug App crashes after achieving high score...new high score not posted to leaderboard

    Originally from Gus: Device/OS: iPad 4 on iOS 7.1.2 Bug Description: Highscore on Phantom of the Opera crashes the game after entering initials. Score does not get saved to leaderboards either Steps to reproduce: Get a highscore on POTO Frequency: 100% I think - I'm 3 for 3 so far on...

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