1. T

    Bug Funhouse - Not so fun sometimes. But it could be!

    I joined this forum to report bugs in Funhouse. It was my favorite (real/physical) pinball table growing up, so now that I have it in my ps3 I play A LOT. I skimmed this table's forum and saw a few familiar bugs, but not as many as I expected to already have been reported. That said, I would...
  2. NoEx

    [REPORT] Bug Reporting / Issues

    Only use this thread to submit bugs and issues, please provide as much as details as possible to reproduce it and attach a screenshot if needed. Thanks!
  3. S

    Mac - Bug A few random bugs I've spotted

    Hi there, Here are some bugs I've noticed so far in the Steam version. Hope this the right place and way of reporting them. (Sorry, newbie) 1. I've noticed that the keys that control nudging only work when my selected input source is English. When it's set to Hebrew, the flippers (shift) still...
  4. M

    Bug New bug? Table doesn't register drained ball.

    2012 Nexus 7, Android 4.4.2 If I lock the first ball then immediately drain the second, a certain proportion of the time (maybe between 1 in 5 and 1 in 10 times? Not precisely sure) the table doesn't appear to register the ball draining - it just sits there waiting. Flipping, calling the...
  5. M

    Steps to reproduce the 'locked ball spat back out' bug

    Works 100% (so far) on my 2012 Nexus. Would perhaps be helpful if people on other platforms tried this. 1) Lock first ball. 2) Let second ball drain. 3) Lock third ball. 4) Lock fourth ball. The fourth ball is spat back out. 5) Lock fourth ball again. This time it locks correctly, and starts...
  6. canuck

    Bug ipad, initial buttons do not disapear after entering high score

    After getting a high score, once entering initials and pressing done, the text box stays on screen. The only way to get rid of it is resetting the program. Bug happens every other time.
  7. R

    Bug High Score Glitches

    Hi everybody. My name is Chris and I'm new to the forum. The first thing I'd like to say is that I love the Pinball Arcade. Farsight is doing awesome work! Keep it up. That being said, my reason for this post is to ask about the high score glitches I have had happen to me. It only seems to...
  8. B

    Can you toggle flipper inputs between sets of shoulder buttons? PLEASE ANSWER

    I DLed pinball Arcade yesterday. I tried re-DLing it and it said don't install because my version is a higher patch, so I didn't. Made sense at the time but now I wish I had at least tried it. Anyhow, apparently I'm still in bizarro world where either the internet isn't *****ing about...
  9. R

    You are expanding too fast, and significantly damaging the quality of your product.

    I'm a huge supporter of Pinball Arcade, and automatically buy all the tables the moment they're out. I've supported via the kickstarter efforts as well. You MUST Q/A your releases before sending them to the app store. There is NO WAY this release was QA'ed at all, and that is so very...
  10. Ryan Routon

    Android - Bug Android VER 1.0.5 Bugs

    Hey Guys! Android lead here hoping you are all enjoying the new DLC release, we worked extremely hard to get it to you :) I just wanted to create this thread so that you, the users, can report any bugs you might have seen in the current version (1.0.5) to help me make your experience as...

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