1. NoEx

    [DOWNLOAD] Pinball Arcade : Free Camera Mod

    [ Current build : v2.06 working with game version TPA 1.71.33 / Arcooda 1.71.19 Cabinet ] The time has come to release my mod! Please read this post carefully, it contains most of the answers to the questions you may have... For those who have never heard of this mod, it allows you to have a...
  2. NoEx

    Discussion thread about the FreeCamera Mod

    Here you can discuss about the mod, If you have questions, suggestions, feature ideas, don't hesitate to ask! If you find a bug, please report it by posting some details and a screenshot in this thread: If you want...
  3. NoEx

    PBA : Free Camera Mod

    Hi! As i'm a big pinball fan, i've got a pincab at home and i've installed PBA on it. It's pretty good with the portrait mode but the table view does not exactly fit in the screen like visual pinball or future pinball, furthermore the camera angle is too low and the "event camera" following...
  4. M

    Camera issues

    Hi Zsolt et al, Loving the game - thanks! Bought a gold subscription within 5 minutes of installing it. I realise you've been working hard to get it out of the door, but here are a couple of problems I'm having. 1) Views 5, 6, and 7 clip the bottom of the flippers, even with the ball resting...
  5. H

    Bug Mutilball Camera Angle

    Playing the Mac version on Steam, running Mavericks 10.9.2. If all three balls drain at the start of multiball, the camera angle will switch to angle #1 (zoomed out of the game). After all three balls are relaunched, the camera angle does not change back, making gameplay very difficult. This...
  6. Zorgwon

    Android vs. PC

    Played yesterday on Steam and noticed the following: The Steam version has: -lesser graphics -laggier input -one single camera view (and thus probably no switching bugs). Skillshots require really skill and a good memory. -higher prices. One core pack table alone is 7.99 €, 8 times as much as...
  7. Tann

    Request A free camera to fly over the table

    Hi, Sorry if this request has already be made, I don't find it somewhere else on the forum. It would be great if we could freely fly over a table, to admire artworks, details, read all the tiny texts. Let's say... on PS3, maintain square or circle button, and move with the D-Pad or...
  8. spoonman

    Bug Elivira: Scared Stiff - Plunger Cam Sticks during Monster Muliball. :(

    I really hope they can fix this soon. It's on on my favorite tables . So Farsight.......please fix the camera bug in Elvira Scared Stiff Here's what it does: When Monster Multiball starts the camera swings down to the plunger cams making it impossible to play!! I had a great game going up...
  9. smbhax

    PS3 - Bug Camera stuck in launcher cam during gameplay

    I had the game camera get stuck in launcher camera mode in several Twilight Zone games last night; this is not absolutely game-ending as you can still see the whole table if you switch to the most zoomed-out launcher camera, but the angle is pretty awkward for normal flipper play. I don't have...

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