1. weirdproq

    Best of the Rest: Gottlieb DMD's (select two)

    Pick two Gottlieb DMD tables you most want to see in TPA. My choices are Stargate and Shaq Attack. I'd say that World Challenge Soccer is the only table that I would not want to see in TPA. Seems like not that fun of a table. Other than that the other tables seem good. (P.S. The two Mario games...
  2. weirdproq

    Favorite Priemer/Gottlieb DMD table

    What is your favorite Gottlieb/Premier DMD table so far? Mine would be Big Hurt. It has a great flow, and the sound is great. I can't get enough of that cheesy anouncer praising Frank Thomas. :p
  3. D

    DMD on second screen solved....(kind of)

    Hi all, I've got a homemade cabinet and thought with the ability to stretch windows over multiple screens, I'll use the Nvidia control panel and placed my second screen above the first, then just stretch the window to my backglass monitor. Crude, but effective. Maybe somebody has a better idea?
  4. weirdproq

    Last 11 Williams DMD machines

    Vote which of the last 11 Williams DMD machines you'd wish would come to TPA (No Ticket Tac Toe because it is more redemption game than normal pinball machine). - you can vote up to 3
  5. weirdproq

    Last 11 Bally DMD machines

    Vote which of the last 11 Bally tables you'd wish would come to TPA (No Party Zone or Addams Family since there coming, but includes prototype The Pinball Circus). - You can vote up to 3.
  6. weirdproq

    Request slider for different shades of orange/red DMD

    It would be nice is Farsight would include a slider or a button to change the shade of orange on the DMD games from bright orange to red, because most Gottliebs and some Sterns have red DMDs on them and it would be neat to play them how they originally looked on the real table.
  7. jaredmorgs

    Bug DMD HUD persistence issues.

    Because of the "horizontal lines" issue on the DMD, I opt to turn on the DMD HUD. From what I observe, the DMD HUD is not persistent between game sessions, after setting it to on. Steps to reproduce Set HUD to On. Start game. Exit back to table select screen. Restart CV. Start game, and...
  8. jaredmorgs

    Bug [SGS2] Playfield Inset DMD has horizontal lines on every view angle

    Version: 1.0.6 Hardware: Check sig to left. Problem: On every view angle, the DMD does not seem to be scaling correctly when it is presented on the angle. I've cycled through all 4 viewing angles and the horizontal lines move as the table view moves up. When the camera zooms-in on the...

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