hall of fame

  1. S

    Man Vs Steel Ball

    Hi Guys, Passing through the US on unrelated casino business we happened accross the Pinball Hall of Fame. After checking it out and having a chat with the cool staff there For fun we did this awesome mini video with interviews onsite at the Pinball Hall of Fame. For all you old timers, its a...
  2. S

    Wazzzzup Y'all

    Hi Everyone! amatuer pinball lover here. I work for a video production company and when we were in the US to film other pieces we came accross some really cool guys at the pinball hall of fame. So we decided to film a small feature on Pinball and the Pinball Hall of Fame too! I'll be posting a...
  3. Toolinit

    Bug Hall of Fame points are not registering correctly on multiple tables

    Hall of Fame points are not registering correctly on multiple tables. It appears to be an issue with Hall of Fame target scores (score needed for 1,000 Hall of Fame points) that are beyond the rollover limit for certain tables. My high scores are posting to the table leader boards correctly...
  4. enduser2941

    Wizard Goals and Hall of fame points??

    Hey guys, I have a question about the two subject items. How are the Hall of fame points calculated? I'll give you an example of what I am looking to understand. I was playing a bunch of tabled tonight and one table (Going Nuts) I never get award any points on, regardless of my points in game...