1. Lord Boron

    New update on iOS.

    I notice after many years a new Pinball Arcade update just dropped on iOS. Anyone have any idea what it entails? the update description just says “content delivery update”
  2. No new tables to be added to Williams Pinball Mobile.

    No new tables to be added to Williams Pinball Mobile.

    Zen have announced that there will be no more tables added to their iOS and Google Play app, Williams Pinball. The game originally launched in February 2019, and featured the following tables: Fish Tales Medieval Madness Attack from Mars Junk Yard The Party Zone Black Rose The Getaway: High...
  3. Vortexxx

    iOS - Request Williams Volume 4 - iOS Availability

    Hi Guys, Apologies in advance if this has been posted elsewhere (a quick search didn’t turn up any answers). Does anyone know when the iOS version of Williams Vol.4 is going to be released? It seems a little odd that Zen would release all of the other platforms first, and delay the iOS version.
  4. shofixti

    iOS - Bug World Champion Soccer crashes on every launch

    Playing on an original iPad air. It's certainly got a bit slower over time, but this table is the only 100% crasher for me. Anyone else having this problem? Is this a known issue?
  5. D

    No sound on PA or Stern

    For no apparent reason I have no sound on either Pinball Arcade or Stern. Running on iPad 10.3.3. I tried a hard reset and reinstalled a few times. Turned off Bluetooth an wifi. All other apps and game play sound fine. What in the world could be the problem? Is is 10.3.3? Tia, Doug
  6. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 125: Make Your Own We’re a bit light-on for pinball talk this week, so in classic BlahCade Pinball Podcast style we talk about other stuff. The main topic centres around how you would need to tread carefully as a game developer if you were going to make a Pinball...
  7. B

    Centigrade and El Dorado Still Crashing with 6/29 Update

    Come on, Farsight. These are two of my faves on iPad. I bought them and can't play them. Looking forward to a fix.
  8. N

    Ghostbusters for pc?

    Hello guys, I have a question. I usually play with the great table of ghostbusters for iOS. Be careful not ghostbusters LE by stern but only ghostbusters. Is not considered inside season pack and you have to download it as standaolne app and you could play only if you have tokens: tokens...
  9. J

    Season Six For iOS

    Wondering when the entire Season Six Pack will be made available? Anyone?
  10. G

    Bug Big Buttons

    Sigh...when I updated Getaway today, the gear shifter no longer appears correctly. In fact, all of these games: HSII, NF, JD, SST, JB, BK (it's broken enough already), HD, and BBI have big buttons or in the case of HSII and JD, visual glitches. The rest of the on screen buttons are fine...
  11. Gorgias32

    Zen Marvel table sale on mobile

    For anyone who is not following the Zen Facebook page, there's a sale currently going on (through 7/28) and all Marvel tables on mobile are $.99. There are some great tables in the marvel collection, so it's a chance to scoop them up. My personal favorites: X-Men Ant Man Captain America Moon...
  12. jhamdotme

    iOS: INKS

    INKS isn't like most pinball games. It's undoubtedly pinball, but it's super artsy. The ball hits and rolls over paint targets, and that changes the color of the ball. When the ball has paint on it, it leaves a trail wherever it rolls, and each time you finish a level by hitting all of the paint...
  13. jhamdotme

    Pinball on the new Apple TV

    I just got a newsletter from Legendo: This is the first time I've seen that an iOS pinball title is being updated for the new Apple TV. I’m not sure if this means that it's going to be a Universal app, or if it's going to be something brand new. But either way, it's nice to hear that we'll...
  14. HOW

    When's Cyclone out on iOS, and what tables are in the latest Mobile Tourney?

    Hi All Anyone know when Cyclone's out on iOS? (I know there's been adelay :(). Also, what tables are in the latest Mobile Tourney? Thanks Andy
  15. jhamdotme

    iOS: Matmi Pinball Tables: Now with more free!

    For the first time since ever, Matmi just made a bunch of their pinball tables free. iPhone and iPod touch: Monster Pinball: $0.99 -> Free (App Store) (AppShopper) Multiball Pinball: $0.99 -> Free (App Store) (Appshopper) Ice Road Pinball: $1.99 -> Free (App Store) (Appshopper) Universal...
  16. jhamdotme

    iOS & Android: Babylon 2055 Pinball

    gameplay video ( Insider) New from developer Shine Research is Babylon 2055 Pinball. You might remember them from their earlier effort, Quantic Pinball (Pinball Arcade Fans thread), which was released late last year. Babylon builds on the same foundation, but adds quite a bit...
  17. W

    iOS - Request How about Apple airplay?

    Hey all, Pinball Arcade looks so good on my ipad but wouldn't it be great to blow it up a bit through my Apple TV using airplay. I know there's probably some corporate reason why this hasn't happened yet. Is there anybody out there who agrees with me on this matter please post.
  18. IGoFirstIndy

    Bug Multiball camera freeze

    I play the game exclusively on the iPad Air and have had this issue several times. When you get multiball on any of the modes, if you don't shoot the ball almost immediately the camera locks and won't let you launch the ball at all. It's almost like it's timed to shut down if you don't launch...
  19. jhamdotme

    iOS: Pure Pinball: FCB Pinball

    There’s a new table coming out from Legendo, the developers of T-Rex Savage. It’s based on the Barcelona football club. According to their email newsletter, it’ll be released on the App Store on June 10th. Whether this is an in-app purchase inside of Pure Pinball or a separate app, I’m not sure...
  20. M

    Which tables work best on a phone?

    Hello! I downloaded TPA to play on my tablet, but was pleasantly surprised to discover that it works very well on my phone (a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, a comparatively low powered Android device) too. So that set me wondering, what criteria do you think make a table work on a phone, and which ones...