1. Tann

    Some leaderboards statistics about devices

    Based on the TPA Leaderboard Data.csv (May 22nd, 2016 - 148.000 entries) As always, the least polished/supported version seems to be the most representated... :p Note: PSN consoles are 7 tables behind (PS3) and 2 tables behind (PS4) the other devices. Don't know for OSX and NDO.
  2. D

    A journey to the center of the Black Hole.

    Hi TPA fans! This is my first official post and greetings here as I didn't know TPA had it's own forums. I'm looking forward to have some awesome pinball discussions and meeting new pinball fans as well. :) My favorite table has to be Black Hole for both digital and physical and I should be...
  3. A

    Bug Friends scores not showing up on tablet?

    I just found out that it is now possible to add friends and compare scores with them (maybe it's possible a long time but I did not know how until I logged in on the website of TPA), so I added a friend to test it, and everything works on the website, but on my tablet when I chose friends in the...
  4. Tann

    New! An editable TPA scorecard to share online

    A scorecard for TPA ****** Current version: 6.0 (S05 DLC10 - TX-S) - Changelog Leaderboard Data: June 26th, 2016 Differential Data: May 29th, 2016 Invitro's Top 100: June 12th, 2016 >>>>> ODS format: The Pinball Arcade Scorecard 6.0 <<<<< - It's an .ods file so you will need...
  5. Razz

    Bug General - Pinbot: Name entry after game

    OS Version: Windows 8 (64) Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce GT 560 Ram: 16GB Version #0.007 Display Mode: Windowed Display Resolution: 1280x720 Frequency of Occurrence: Everytime Expected Result: After a high scoring game, I am presented with clickable arrows to enter my initials on the...
  6. Tann

    Why PSN and Mobiles leaderboards are mixed?

    After this very pleasant PSN tournament, I wish TPA leaderboards to be PSN exclusive when you play on PS3/VITA. Why? Several reasons: - On Mobiles platform, TPA tables are currently fixed. Not very fair for PSN players. - On Mobiles platform, there's no "rollover score bug" (ToM for instance...
  7. R

    Bug High Score Glitches

    Hi everybody. My name is Chris and I'm new to the forum. The first thing I'd like to say is that I love the Pinball Arcade. Farsight is doing awesome work! Keep it up. That being said, my reason for this post is to ask about the high score glitches I have had happen to me. It only seems to...
  8. jaredmorgs

    Request Hand-pick and add leaderboard friends. View and Manage leaderboard through browser.

    Now that Farsight have redesigned the leaderboard to remove the reliance on Facebook, it makes sense to add some richer functionality to the boards. Many of us on the forum like to compete against a small group of players, and find it hard to wade through the pages and pages of scores to see...

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