Bug General - Pinbot: Name entry after game


New member
Aug 14, 2013
OS Version: Windows 8 (64)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce GT 560
Ram: 16GB
Version #0.007
Display Mode: Windowed
Display Resolution: 1280x720

Frequency of Occurrence: Everytime

Expected Result: After a high scoring game, I am presented with clickable arrows to enter my initials on the leaderboard. Whilst clicking the right arrow I expect to cycle through the alphabet
Actual Result: Clicking the right arrow go forwards and randomly backwards through the alphabet as if the click field can't decide if it's the right or left arrow! Clicking the left arrow works fine however.

Comment: Will you adding controller support for entering initials on the leaderboard? At present it seems you can only do it with a mouse.

Thank you, I'm really enjoying the game!

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