1. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 117: Groot Vomit Mech There’s a mixture of stuff on the show as usual. You’ll get talk about Ghostbusters, some interesting CPU performance stats between Zen and TPA, and some news about Pinball Cadet from Trick Gaming Studios.
  2. weirdproq

    Pinball music

    Don't know if anyone posted a thread about this yet, but I thought I'd start one. Here's a track labeled Blood from X-Files: This guy seems to have a ton of pinball music for download if you check out his/her folder in the link in the descriptions of these videos.
  3. Zodlike

    What Music Do You Listen Too When You Play TPA?

    Just a fun little post of nonsense. Do you listen to the in game sounds, or do you have your own music playing in the background? If so What is it? :D
  4. M

    That song...

    ...clearly needs its own thread. I'm speechless, and at this stage, sorry to say, have nothing much of use to contribute. --- Who wrote it though? Were they ever held accountable? :p The 1980s truly was somewhere different, wasn't it...

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