no good gofers

  1. J

    PS3 - Bug Multiball glitch from "free" locks...

    I've always enjoyed playing No Good Gofers since I started playing The Pinball Arcade. There's one thing that's always seemed to annoy me, though: One of the randomized awards from completing a hole on this table is "Free Lock". NGG seemingly doesn't want to honor this reward; whenever I...
  2. R

    Who Did it better? GOLF

    Who created a better representation of golf?
  3. C

    PS3 - Bug No Good Gofers is Missing lights and stuff!

    Has anyone noticed that No Good Gofers is missing these lights on the slingshots? There are missing lights on the flipper return lanes as well. Also some of the metal parts inside of the slingshot are missing too (can be seen when the camera is flying around). Please view this image...
  4. spoonman

    No Good Gofers on TPA (PS3) What are your thoughts?

    I love the table and I'm glad to see it join the others on The Pinball Arcade, but (Yep.. sorry there is always a but :P ) again, the table just doesn't pop like it does on Williams Pinball Hall of Fame. I really, REALLY want that day/night slider badly! A friend, who used to play the WPHOF...
  5. Sinistar

    Bug PS3: Camera not moving to show new ball loading up in plunger

    After a ball drain , the camera normally shifts to show a new ball loading into the plunger shaft. In No Good Gofers PS3 this frequently does not happen . You don't realise the ball is ready in the plunger shaft until you launch it . reproduceability: frequent PS3 with 1080 P settings

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