1. weirdproq

    Favorite EM table so far

    What has been your favorite EM table to come out, so far, in TPA? Mine is Jacks Open.
  2. weirdproq

    What contract license should be next? (read description)

    With the Sony license almost being used up now (five more possible tables left [Johnny Mnemonic, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Hook, Wheel Of Fortune, and maybe Godzilla]), choose the next contract license you think Farsight should go after next. List of possible tables for each below...
  3. weirdproq

    Best of the Rest: Gottlieb DMD's (select two)

    Pick two Gottlieb DMD tables you most want to see in TPA. My choices are Stargate and Shaq Attack. I'd say that World Challenge Soccer is the only table that I would not want to see in TPA. Seems like not that fun of a table. Other than that the other tables seem good. (P.S. The two Mario games...
  4. weirdproq

    Best of the Rest: Williams Alphanumeric (select two)

    Select your two Alphanumeric Williams machines you'd like to see come to TPA the most. I think mine would be Rollergames and Fire, with Bad Cats being a close third for me.
  5. weirdproq

    Best of the Rest: Williams/Bally DMD's (select two)

    What Bally/Williams DMD table, out of what's left would you like to see in the next season? You can select up to two options.
  6. weirdproq

    Favorite Gottlieb EM

    What is your favorite Gottlieb EM so far? Mine is El Dorado, since it is a fun and easy to pick up and play game. I haven't played much of Jacks Open, because I haven't bought the season yet, but that is at least a close second for me.
  7. weirdproq

    Favorite Priemer/Gottlieb DMD table

    What is your favorite Gottlieb/Premier DMD table so far? Mine would be Big Hurt. It has a great flow, and the sound is great. I can't get enough of that cheesy anouncer praising Frank Thomas. :p
  8. Z

    New Features Poll

    The Pinball Arcade is releasing for Wii U, what new features do you think should be added, or what you think should happen?
  9. Z

    TPA Fans' Most Wanted for 2016 (Electro Mechanical)

    It's high time for this, which of the 30 tables do you want come to The Pinball Arcade? (EM wise.)
  10. IGoFirstIndy

    Favorite Zen Marvel Table

    Let's vote on our favorite Zen Marvel Tables. You can pick up to three! Nuff said!
  11. IGoFirstIndy

    Favorite Star Wars Table

    Let's find out how strong the Force is with these tables. You can pick up to three! "May the Force be with you!"
  12. weirdproq

    Re-assessing voting EMs

    This is just an unofficial thread for you to vote on Electro-mechanical pinball tables that you would like to see in the Pinball Arcade. I would encourage you to watch gameplay footage of these tables first before voting, unless you have already watched a video on that table or have played it...
  13. M

    Pinball eras: mixed preferences poll

    One more, then I'll stop spamming you with polls ;) [but I know you secretly love polls...] eta - gah. I'm not sure what the difference between 'no preference' and 'EM, SS, AN and DMD' would be. But I can't edit it. Ho hum... eta2 - in case anyone's baffled by the initialisms: EM =...
  14. M

    Has TPA changed your preferred pinball era?

    Mixed preference for me - mostly between SS and alphanum. But I'm just curious as to whether many people have found their preferences shifting, being exposed to all these great tables that we wouldn't normally get to play (I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a real pinball table here...
  15. M

    Do you play for score or modes?

  16. M

    Choose an Upcoming Pre-1980 Pinball Table

    Hey Everyone! Help us choose a Pre-1980 Pinball table to be added to the Pinball Arcade collection!
  17. weirdproq

    Last 11 Williams DMD machines

    Vote which of the last 11 Williams DMD machines you'd wish would come to TPA (No Ticket Tac Toe because it is more redemption game than normal pinball machine). - you can vote up to 3
  18. weirdproq

    Last 11 Bally DMD machines

    Vote which of the last 11 Bally tables you'd wish would come to TPA (No Party Zone or Addams Family since there coming, but includes prototype The Pinball Circus). - You can vote up to 3.
  19. weirdproq

    Poll - All hard to license tables left in the top ten polls - Unofficial

    This is an Unofficial poll that is just to see which hard to license tables you would like to see get a kickstarter or come to the Pinball Arcade sometime. These tables are from the PAF most wanted poll. You can pick up to 3 tables. Here are the choices: Indiana Jones : The Pinball Adventure...
  20. weirdproq

    Poll - All plausible licensed tables left in the top ten polls - Unofficial

    This poll will have all the non-licensed tables from the PAF top ten most wanted poll. You can vote for 5 choices. When I say plausible I mean it could be an easy license or not too hard to get. I didn't include Wizard because I forgot it was sort of licensed and left it in the non-licensed...

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