1. Sean DonCarlos

    We Have Callsign

    Well, not really - we don't have our radio license. But Lost in the Zone has now expanded beyond the written word and is now part of the larger TPA Barcade Podcast! You should check it out, along with TPA Barcade's excellent hosts, guest personalities and the random heretic. Topics for the...
  2. Sean DonCarlos

    The (New and Improved) Rules of Sin

    So apparently, Sin has been pitched to FarSight management thanks to Jeff and shutyertrap. For the record, I was completely unaware that they were going to do that, nor did I ask them to. (Although I have hinted in the chat room that it would be cool to see Sin in TPA, it was more of a "wishful...
  3. Sean DonCarlos

    Is It Wrong to Sin on Good Friday?

    Not if it's pinball Sin. Still no art to show everyone (I know, I know...I'm working on it, I swear!), but I think I've finally got the playfield where I can put the spinners down without blocking four other shots; I've got the mess of inserts untangled near the bumpers - that Soul Burn hole...
  4. Sean DonCarlos

    Is Sin Still In?

    The short answer: Yes. The not-so-short answer: This is going to be a lot more work than I thought - and I was expecting it to be a lot of work originally - and I've had a bunch of real life issues ranging from annoying to serious crop up lately. Add to this the fact that some of my limited...
  5. Sean DonCarlos

    The Rules of Sin, Part V

    EDIT 11/07/2013: Updated rules can be found here. GENERAL CHANGES Sins no longer have individual timers. Instead, when a timed sin is started on top of currently running timed sin(s), half the new sin's time (but at least 20 seconds) is added to the current timer value and the new timer value...
  6. Sean DonCarlos

    Shot Down in Flames

    While the AC/DC table includes many of their greatest hits, "Shot Down in Flames" is not among them. That's too bad, because it would have accurately captured my league performance last night. Oh well, I said this wouldn't last long. On the non-league front, some rules changes for Sin to break...
  7. Sean DonCarlos

    The Rules of Sin, Part IV

    If you came here straight from the forum, use this link to get to Part I. SIN RULESET VERSION 0.1 (CONTINUED) SHADOW SALVATION (FINAL WIZARD MODE) Shadow Salvation is only awarded when a Ninth Circle player successfully freezes Hell over. It is Sin’s final wizard mode, consisting of a 7-ball...
  8. Sean DonCarlos

    The Rules of Sin, Part III

    SIN RULESET VERSION 0.1 (CONTINUED) SIN MODE DESCRIPTIONS (CONTINUED) Wrath The Wrath sin is a 2-ball multiball that involves hitting a certain number of switches in a frenzy, which then lights the Sin Bin for a Wrath Jackpot. This process then repeats with increased numbers of switch hits and...
  9. Sean DonCarlos

    The Rules of Sin, Part II

    SIN RULESET VERSION 0.1 (CONTINUED) SIN MODE DESCRIPTIONS There are seven sins, each with four levels of difficulty. Each level of difficulty must be completed successfully before the next higher difficulty can be attempted. Greed The Greed sin involves hitting the Greed standup targets a...
  10. Sean DonCarlos

    The Rules of Sin, Part I

    So what I was not considering when I said I'd post Sin's ruleset here is that the ruleset is nearly 35,000 characters long, and that blog posts are limited to 10,000 characters. So far as I know attachments aren't allowed or even possible either - at least, I can't find the button that attaches...
  11. Sean DonCarlos

    Pinball Masochism, Part II

    League starts up again this Wednesday. Wish me luck; based on how I played Friday, I'm definitely going to need it. :p Also, for your viewing pleasure, pinball eye candy both modern (Stern's Avengers LE (2012)) and not-so-modern (Bally's Spectrum (1982)). On the Sin front, the table's...
  12. Sean DonCarlos

    A License to Sin

    Being the programming type, it's very rare that I play any game without thinking "man, this is fun, but it would be just a little bit better if it worked like _____ instead". For some of the old NES (yes, the 8-bit system, I'm that old) and SNES games, a few intrepid souls have managed to...

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