1. G

    Arcooda/Highway Survey

    Got a survey link emailed from an Arcooda email address. First part was "how do you like the software, which one did you purchase" which shows lack of preparation, as they know precisely which software each customer purchased. Second part was "what other pinball/arcade stuff do you own". Last...
  2. R

    Bluetooth Keyboard Support

    Any chance we might see Bluetooth Keyboard support at some point? I would love to play with a keyboard since I normally have my ipad connected to one. Thanks, RM
  3. BrentMpls

    Missing Tables - very frustrated!

    Hello, I haven't played in a while and fired up the game today to find that most of my tables are missing. I have all of what is now called season 1. The whole star trek kickstarted was such a debacle with not getting access I was hesitant to support another one, even though the Twilight...
  4. I

    TPA + Samsung Galaxy S4 (int. edition) + Sixaxis Controller App

    Hi. First off, I LOOOVE this game. Fantastic recreations, and highly addictive tables. :) For other S4 owners, I was wondering if any of you have successfully managed to use the SixAxis Controller Application with TPA (that would also mean in general)? This question is not necessarily tied to...

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