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  1. Twilight Zone coming to Pinball FX

    Twilight Zone coming to Pinball FX

    Zen Studios will be adding Bally's Twilight Zone to Pinball FX on April 13th. The machine was originally manufactured by Bally in 1993 and is based on the television series with the same name. The table, designed by Pat Lawlor, has some unique features that set it apart from other pinball...
  2. enduser2941

    Severe delay in Flippers

    Okies, So I have a slight issue that I so far have only noticed in Twilight Zone, but it causes a serious problem with playing the table. The problem is in TZ, when I hit the flipper, there is like a half second delay from when I hit the button for the flippers, to when the flippers actually...
  3. Canadian365

    Kickstarter TZ & STTNG Wallpapers, anyone received them yet?

    At $20 STTNG Kickstarter level and up! "Get the Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball table on any two platforms of your choice, PLUS an exclusive Star Trek: The Next Generation Pinball wallpaper for the device of your choice." At $50 TZ Kickstarter level and up! "Everything above PLUS an...
  4. Sean DonCarlos

    Don't They Make a Great Couple?

    As promised, the pair of machines in my living room. Note the white DMD on Twilight Zone...I might not even convert to multicolor once ColorDMD releases the ROM for TZ; the white is just too perfect. And yes, the AC/DC's DMD is the standard red and not orange...I think my phone's red-eye...
  5. Sean DonCarlos

    Ten (Real) Machines to Play Before You Die

    It occurred to me earlier today that for all the blogging and posting I've done, I've never really done a list of my favorite machines. That stunning omission is about to be corrected! The 10 machines below are kind of an eclectic mix, although heavy on the 90s Williams/Ballys, and I'm...
  6. Sean DonCarlos

    It's Alive!

    Still some electrical investigation work to do - at some point when all these mods were added there was a mix-up and some of the inserts now strobe or blink when they're not supposed to - but I figured that was no reason not to share a picture of her all lit up: Again, my apologies for the...
  7. Sean DonCarlos

    Shhh! The Baby Is Sleeping

    Arrived into our world April 21, 2013 - Length 58 inches - Weight approx. 300 pounds
  8. Sean DonCarlos

    10 Months, 1500 Games, 1.65 Billion Points

    While I'm sure the table will still hand me abysmal games whenever it feels like it, I'm pleased to announce that a personal quest of mine in the real pinball world has come to an end. I accept The Twilight Zone's surrender.
  9. smbhax

    PS3 - Bug Camera stuck in launcher cam during gameplay

    I had the game camera get stuck in launcher camera mode in several Twilight Zone games last night; this is not absolutely game-ending as you can still see the whole table if you switch to the most zoomed-out launcher camera, but the angle is pretty awkward for normal flipper play. I don't have...
  10. Carl Spiby

    I was Lost in the Zone

    As my first league game was cancelled I decided to venture out to play Pinball, I spent the afternoon playing Bram Stoker's Dracula, Attack from Mars, T2 and TZ. Of course the purpose of this blog post is boast about my TZ prowess. A few weeks ago now I managed #4 on the leaderboard after a...
  11. Sean DonCarlos

    Life After TZ

    Having been logged into the chat room without paying much (well, any) attention to it this evening, I missed the following question: "What are you going to do when TZ is old news on TPA?" Play ST:TNG, of course. Twilight Zone may be my favorite table, but I have access to 75 of them here. I...
  12. jaredmorgs

    Android - Bug Observed Bugs in Twilight Zone (v1.7.0 BETA)

    I'm making this post separate to the 1.7.0 thread. Because Twilight Zone is such a complex table. Because it should make it easier for Ryan to triage the issues on this table when he returns from Thanksgiving. Read the post before adding your _unique_ bug observation (lets not double-up) ;)...
  13. jaredmorgs

    Request Activate Ball Saver (Free Ride) option on Twilight Zone

    Hi all I've been doing some testing on Android for Twilight Zone, and discussion came up about the lack of ball saver. While some members thought it was not possible to set a ball-saver past ball one on the 9.x ROMs, my research determined it actually is: The caveat is that Farsight may not...
  14. T

    Where our money goes

    Those who are not sure whether they want to contribute to Farsight or not, should see this:
  15. Sean DonCarlos

    Return to the Zone

    League again did not go so well tonight, including a 32M disaster of a game on TZ. (Sometimes the table just hates you.) But of course I wasn't going to leave for the evening without taking at least a small measure of revenge. Nothing too major, a simple replay (238M tonight) would do. A small...
  16. Sean DonCarlos

    On Returning to Real Pinball and the Taming of the Twilight Zone, Part II

    [Continued from Part I] Then the dreaded plateau hit. When you first start learning (or restart, in my case), your results usually rise swiftly, simply because you have so many avenues for improvement. But after you've learned the basics, further progress becomes harder and slower. You have...
  17. Sean DonCarlos

    On Returning to Real Pinball and the Taming of the Twilight Zone, Part I

    [EDIT: So apparently there's a 10,000 character limit on blog posts. Only I would be so long-winded as to find it. But my journey with TZ takes a while to do it justice, so I've split it into two parts and disabled commenting on this part. If you want to comment, please do so on Part II. Thanks...

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