League again did not go so well tonight, including a 32M disaster of a game on TZ. (Sometimes the table just hates you.) But of course I wasn't going to leave for the evening without taking at least a small measure of revenge. Nothing too major, a simple replay (238M tonight) would do.

A small measure of revenge ended up consisting of a mediocre first two balls, followed by nailing all 13 remaining door panels on ball 3, thereby starting my second round of Lost in the Zone on a physical TZ! Ended up with 830M; I have three-fifths of the high score table now. Why couldn't I do this an hour earlier?! WHY?!?!?!

Challenge for expert players: Start LITZ without playing any multiball round first (no regulation multiball, no Fast Lock Multiball, no Powerball Mania), as I did on the above game.


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Jul 27, 2012
I agree! I love reading these recaps. Makes me wish I had access to a real TZ again. I would so try to beat your scores (not that you'd be in any danger...)

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