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  1. Billy

    Request Any chance on an optional wipe of the in-game top five high scores?

    Hi all, I initially posted this on the Switch sub-forum, but that sub-forum seems to be dead and I've had zero responses (and still am the most recent poster in there), so I figured I'd open the request up to all versions of the game. Here's my request, exactly as I posted it a month ago for...
  2. E

    Leaderboard and High Scores newbie questions

    Hi all. Just discovered this amazing game and I'm loving it. But I don't quite understand how high scores tables and leaderboards work in the game. There was a "login" button on the main screen, so I clicked that and it said I needed to sign up for an account to access leaderboards. Now I...
  3. P

    pinballchris TPA High Scores

    iPad Air 2 : iOS 9.3.4 TAF: 1,899,574,350 AFM: 204,854,843,240 Big Hurt: 1,514,080,150 Big Shot: 451,940 (478,290) Black Hole: 5,433,930 Black Knight: 12,058,760 BK2K: 35,690,370 Black Rose: 1,027,131,130 BSD: 6,522,706,690 BOPB: 9,733,000,410 Cactus Canyon: 632,886,270 Centaur: 12,323,550...
  4. Sean DonCarlos

    Do or Die!

    Pretty abysmal games this evening, with one exception early on...I've managed to successfully complete "Do or Die" on an Iron Man with Hard settings, and shattered my personal best six and a half times over, going from 12M to 78M! Do or Die requires that you complete the following on one ball...
  5. Sean DonCarlos

    Return to the Zone

    League again did not go so well tonight, including a 32M disaster of a game on TZ. (Sometimes the table just hates you.) But of course I wasn't going to leave for the evening without taking at least a small measure of revenge. Nothing too major, a simple replay (238M tonight) would do. A small...
  6. Sean DonCarlos

    Why You Don't Achieve At Least Half Your High Score At Least Half the Time

    It's one of the most frustrating things about pinball. You've recently put up a really solid high score, let's say 200M on the TPA version of FunHouse. Then for the next five games you don't break 50M. So you take a break, come back two days later, play five more games and still don't break 50M...
  7. Sean DonCarlos

    High Scores

    Last updated February 24, 2014. Entries in bold are most recent. The Pinball Arcade Table Platform High Score Attack from Mars iOS 36,376,600,140 Big Shot iOS 152,840 Black Hole 360 2,737,990 Black Knight PC 879,110 Black Rose 00 The Machine: Bride of Pinbot 360 2,219,187,120...
  8. C

    360 - Bug X-Box keeps wiping out my scores!

    Frequently, X-Box wipes out my high scores (in the High Scores section and also on the Leaderboards. I'm interested to see if it's been happening to anyone else on X-Box. After the first time it happened, I've been keeping track of my high scores in my diary, so it doesn't affect me too much...

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