Pretty abysmal games this evening, with one exception early on...I've managed to successfully complete "Do or Die" on an Iron Man with Hard settings, and shattered my personal best six and a half times over, going from 12M to 78M!

Do or Die requires that you complete the following on one ball:
  • Light the 5 inserts in the center (Iron Man, War Machine, Iron Monger, Whiplash, and Drones).
  • After the five tasks above are finished, shoot the center lane to start Do or Die.
  • Do or Die is a hurry-up (the one here starts at 35M, some start at 50M) at the same center lane. Shoot it to collect the value. (For comparison, the replay score on this particular Iron Man wanders around 12M or so.)
Best part: I had double scoring running when Do or Die started, so that center lane shot got doubled from 22.5M to 45M! Yes, it took me a while to make the shot...when you're attempting a single shot for four times the replay score of the table, that shot suddenly becomes extremely narrow...


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Nov 1, 2012
Nicely done, Sean. Funny how you can nail that center lane with your eyes closed until DoD is counting down, then it seems to disappear off the playfield!

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