1. GAH1068

    Cabinet Angles?

    I know this is being disucssed in the other thread. Has anyone got any answers from Farsight or Arcooda about the cabinet view differences. I was lucky enough to get the first Cabinet mode version and I could swear the camera views that I had were all 4 cabinet views just like the Arcooda...
  2. T

    Request PS4 / Camera view

    I both play ZP2 & TPA on my PS4, but I notice that I play ZP2 quite a bit more compared to the TPA ones (although I own all the tables from both games). They reason is mainly that on ZP2, wih certain views (like view 3) the camera tilts to the upper part of the table when the ball is there. This...
  3. NoEx

    [DOWNLOAD] Pinball Arcade : Free Camera Mod

    [ Current build : v2.06 working with game version TPA 1.71.33 / Arcooda 1.71.19 Cabinet ] The time has come to release my mod! Please read this post carefully, it contains most of the answers to the questions you may have... For those who have never heard of this mod, it allows you to have a...
  4. NoEx

    Discussion thread about the FreeCamera Mod

    Here you can discuss about the mod, If you have questions, suggestions, feature ideas, don't hesitate to ask! If you find a bug, please report it by posting some details and a screenshot in this thread: If you want...

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