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  1. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade #151: Stern Pinball Arcade VR and Cabinet Shenanigans

    After covering some brief news items we dive into some first experiences with virtual pinball cabinets and then have a great chat with Mike from Farsight Studios about the new Stern Pinball Arcade VR release on Oculus Rift. We round out the show with an announcement about our new merchandise...
  2. A

    VR option for Pinball Arcade - works mostly!

    Hi If you are interested in playing Pinball Arcade in VR there is a working option. There are limitaitons - the camera is fixed but you can move your head around. I used tridef vr. There isn't a profile for pinball arcade but all I did was select generic profile and pointed it to the...
  3. Formslingers

    Black Flaggers (Pinball Wicked)

    Ahoy, fellow pinball lovers! We're thrilled to reveal Black Flaggers Pinball. Embark on a pirate’s journey of plundering loot, swashbuckling adventures and cannon wielding foes. Wicked pinball mechanics and magnificent ball rolling physics running on a cutting edge engine: The...
  4. S

    Request Oculus Rift VR pinball

    I've been considering developing a VR platform for pinball but if you guys would be willing do to it instead I would buy every single table you put out. It would be nice to have a virtual arcade to walk around and each new table you buy you can place in your virtual arcade where you want it...
  5. spoonman

    Request Project Morpheous Support

    I know this is probably a year or so away (at least), but we might as well start talking about it now.

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