AtGames Legends pinball


Oct 31, 2015

AtGames is releasing a couple packs of Dr. Seuss tables, three tables 12/20. Magic Pixel again has been contracted to put these together. I presume these are former pinball Gottlieb or Williams tables. The previous Taito tables were pretty good, and I look forward to these tables.

With the latest update putting haptics live OTG, this table has hit the right spot. Too bad it wasn't released like this, but it is finally here. With the Activision Atari games out as well (Data East too), this machine has gotten even more fun. I wish it was easier to replace the backglass monitor. I have another larger monitor (discarded from work) hooked to the side for OTG, and it looks great (stock backglass is good, but just a bit small).

Saw I lost my #1 in Stars Phoenix, which stung a bit. Tried playing it again, that table has grown on me, and I swear something broke in it. I was doing very well, and I think multi-ball happened, but then before I knew it I was on third ball... when I thought I was still live on the first. Unfortunate because I was in the zone. I'll be back. Still #1 in Black Belt Retro, a very boring table that I got very lucky on.

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