Black Pyramid - TABLE REQUEST

David Cahill

New member
Nov 20, 2013
I've bought both Seasons 1 and 2.

I love everything you guys have done so far and I can tell you work very hard on these tables.

If I can put in just one vote for Black Pyramid by Bally's.

I owned it while growing up as a child, and it has a lot of much happier memories associated with it.

It'd make my day to be able to play this table again. I've looked for a used machine everywhere, so this is the closest I'll probably ever get.

Thanks for your time,



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Apr 24, 2012
I've played this table and found it pretty fun--lots of targets to shoot for around the table, and some interesting scoring. Although it's got one of those rule setups where the bonus builds ball by ball or something so if you don't get up to a decent bonus on early balls you'll be hard-pressed to get a good overall score, which can be kind of discouraging.

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