1. W

    Request Jurassic Park, Twister, Batman Forever

    Thanks!! :)
  2. Z

    TPA Fans' Most Wanted for 2016 (Electro Mechanical)

    It's high time for this, which of the 30 tables do you want come to The Pinball Arcade? (EM wise.)
  3. V

    Request The Shadow and World Cup Soccer

    I see that there are still two spots for tables in Season 5 after the Doctor Who table, so I think it would be wise to add these two classic tables into the game now. The Shadow is one of the best tables out there, actually being ranked 29th highest right now on Pinside, and should not be that...
  4. R

    Bluetooth Keyboard Support

    Any chance we might see Bluetooth Keyboard support at some point? I would love to play with a keyboard since I normally have my ipad connected to one. Thanks, RM
  5. P

    Android - Request Save tables to external SD card

    I know that changes were made in 2012 to save tables to the SD Card. Unfortunately, changes have been made to phones and android itself, and in my case, the tables are being saved to by devices emulated external storage, which is actually stored using internal storage. It would be nice if I...
  6. Z

    Request Please add option to remap flippers to R2/L2

    Thank you for continuing to bring out awesome new tables for The Pinball Arcade, and keep up the great work. I do have one small request, though one very important to some of us with ergonomic concerns about the position of R1/L1 on Sony's controllers. Please, please, please add the option to...
  7. D

    Black Pyramid - TABLE REQUEST

    I've bought both Seasons 1 and 2. I love everything you guys have done so far and I can tell you work very hard on these tables. If I can put in just one vote for Black Pyramid by Bally's. I owned it while growing up as a child, and it has a lot of much happier memories associated with it...

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