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May 29, 2015
I know that changes were made in 2012 to save tables to the SD Card. Unfortunately, changes have been made to phones and android itself, and in my case, the tables are being saved to by devices emulated external storage, which is actually stored using internal storage. It would be nice if I could save and use the tables on my SD card. I noticed that some apps give you the ability to choose where files are downloaded and stored, such as Podcast Addict.

My decide is on android version 4.1.2. The tables are being saved to this location:

This location is emulated external storage, not my SD card.

I would like to download and use my table in this location:

This directory saves on the SD card in the battery compartment.

Information can be found here:

getExternalFilesDir() can pull all the locations, but is only available for 4.4 and later. For 4.3 and earlier, you can use the support library's ContextCompat.getExternalFilesDirs(), but it only returns a single directory, which will likely be the emulated external storage. Other apps are able to find the SD card on my device, but they typically offer a directory explorer and simply ask me where I want the files to be stored.

Thanks for considering this request!

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