Mobile Operating System by Google
Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software, designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android is developed by a consortium of developers known as the Open Handset Alliance and commercially sponsored by Google. It was unveiled in November 2007, with the first commercial Android device, the HTC Dream, being launched in September 2008.
  1. Mad07

    IN-app doesn't work? (Android)

    About a movement from one town into another, I've a little bit late to but the Deluxe Paket2. Uncomfortable a) the server are down and b) the payment action is rejecting all time. I've delete the PayPal account and renewed, add a new credit card on the Google account, put Prepaid money on the...
  2. FarSight's The Pinball Arcade to return to Google Play, though is "mostly end of life"

    FarSight's The Pinball Arcade to return to Google Play, though is "mostly end of life"

    Players of Farsight's The Pinball Arcade on Android devices may have had an issue if they bought a new device recently as the game is no longer available on the Google Play store. We reached out to FarSight to find out what was happening, and Community Manager, Mike Lindsey, told us "We are...
  3. INKS makes its way to Android

    INKS makes its way to Android

    INKS is a casual pinball-themed game that was launched on Apple's App Store back in 2016. The game, originally developed by State of Play, combines the joy of pinball with skilful tactical challenges, and allows you to create wondrous works of art as the ball smashes around the canvas. The...
  4. No new tables to be added to Williams Pinball Mobile.

    No new tables to be added to Williams Pinball Mobile.

    Zen have announced that there will be no more tables added to their iOS and Google Play app, Williams Pinball. The game originally launched in February 2019, and featured the following tables: Fish Tales Medieval Madness Attack from Mars Junk Yard The Party Zone Black Rose The Getaway: High...
  5. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 125: Make Your Own We’re a bit light-on for pinball talk this week, so in classic BlahCade Pinball Podcast style we talk about other stuff. The main topic centres around how you would need to tread carefully as a game developer if you were going to make a Pinball...
  6. J

    Android - Request Fire pow..uh..Devour 2

    My christ. Playing on samsung tablet 12.2 and there is no mercy on this one. I can see the ball headed for the grave for days and no matter how much I manhandle the machine its a goner. Fish tales, lights camera,and phantom ot opera have been petty much impossible to go past a couple minutes...
  7. M

    The Pinball Arcade Underground - Amazon Prime Free Apps - Complete Season 1 Pro

    TPA Underground just updated with the new UI. Also, Gophers, Gorgar and Big Shot received updates. If you have an Amazon Prime Account it's free to download The Pinball Arcade Underground App which includes the complete Season 1 Pro pack.
  8. Stern Pinball Arcade returns to Google Play

    Stern Pinball Arcade returns to Google Play

    Stern Pinball Arcade is coming back on Google Play with a limited release right now. This means, you will only be able to install it, if your device is supported. This is true for newer Samsungs and high end devices. FarSight plans to expand supported devices over time.
  9. Gorgias32

    Zen Marvel table sale on mobile

    For anyone who is not following the Zen Facebook page, there's a sale currently going on (through 7/28) and all Marvel tables on mobile are $.99. There are some great tables in the marvel collection, so it's a chance to scoop them up. My personal favorites: X-Men Ant Man Captain America Moon...
  10. C

    Bug Getaway HS2 doesn't award extra ball at replay score

    Dunno if this is a bug on all platforms or just Android. All your other tables give an extra ball when the replay score is hit, but HS2 does not. Was this intentional, or a limitation of the game ROM?
  11. M

    [Touchscreen] Anyone play on an LG G4?

    I used to play exclusively on Android, but ended up getting an iPad and kept TPA activities there. But I just got an LG G4, and since I have years of purchased tables, I installed TPA and downloaded a few tables. Soon after, I noticed that the game wasn't always detecting when I tapped the...
  12. P

    Android - Request Save tables to external SD card

    I know that changes were made in 2012 to save tables to the SD Card. Unfortunately, changes have been made to phones and android itself, and in my case, the tables are being saved to by devices emulated external storage, which is actually stored using internal storage. It would be nice if I...
  13. weirdproq

    help - Acer Liquid z220 touchscreen problem

    Nothing to do with TPA game itself, but my touchscreen isn't letting me use both flippers. When I try to use both flippers they both don't work and it nudges instead. This also happened in Zen Pinball, but without the nudging part. I'm wondering how I can fix this.
  14. M

    Android - sound recently got worse?

    I haven't played TPA in a while, but just fired BSD up and it sounds a lot scratchier than it did, like it's been compressed more aggressively than I'd like. And then there's Starship Troopers... Any hope of a 'download larger assets' option, or something?
  15. weirdproq

    Android - No Good Gofers 3D models and art missing in captive ball area

    I was playing No Good Gofers on my Android phone recently and notice where the captive ball shot, to the left of the slam down ramp, was completely blank white! The second ball behind the captive ball was missing and all the art and 3D models of pegs and rubbers were also gone. That part and...
  16. jhamdotme

    iOS & Android: Babylon 2055 Pinball

    gameplay video ( Insider) New from developer Shine Research is Babylon 2055 Pinball. You might remember them from their earlier effort, Quantic Pinball (Pinball Arcade Fans thread), which was released late last year. Babylon builds on the same foundation, but adds quite a bit...
  17. P

    Mr. Game and/or tecnoplay tables?

    When all Zaccaria tables are released, is there any plan to bring us Mr. Game and/or tecnoplay tables? Zaccaria was briefly reorganized under the label Mr. Game before ending production and tecnoplay bought the factory of Zaccaria. BTW: Any news...
  18. P

    Bug small screen problem

    I have an Android phone with a small screen. When I start TPA it only shows a part of the screen. (see image here: I do not see any buttons so I can not start TPA nor change anything.
  19. M

    Which tables work best on a phone?

    Hello! I downloaded TPA to play on my tablet, but was pleasantly surprised to discover that it works very well on my phone (a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, a comparatively low powered Android device) too. So that set me wondering, what criteria do you think make a table work on a phone, and which ones...
  20. enduser2941

    Bug Possible Flipper bug Android Tablet

    Hey guys, I am not sure if this is a bug in the game or an issue with my tablet, but here is my problem. When I play most tables, I have a problem with the left flipper. When I tab the screen on the left side to make the flipper flip, it flips up then drops back down immediately but ONLY when...

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