1. B

    Pinball FX3 Sales Thread

    This thread is to post any ongoing sales regarding FX3 DLCs (since game itself is free). Please don't forget to post details such as platform, specific DLC, discount (percentage), country, and when known sale end date. There is a similar "speculation" thread for Pinball FX in the FX(4) forum...
  2. Pinballwiz45b

    Pinball M

    This just popped up earlier today: Pinball After Dark, anyone?
  3. Pinballwiz45b

    Pinball Bites, Episode 1

    After a rocky launch on consoles, Zen rebounded with this month's news...and a reboot! Godzilla Vs. Kong, a 3-pack of tables, releasing April 13th. Twilight Zone, releasing April 13th! CRYPT OF THE NECRODANCER, releasing April 13th! Sorcerer's Lair and Fish Tales return as the free tables...
  4. Ian Longstaff

    Latest Digital Pinball tables released

    🆃🅻🅴 + 🆁🆄🅽🅳 + 🆄 ①③ A round up of most of the tables releases over the last 2 weeks ( I dont do tables that have only a slight update or fix ) Links are at the end to the sites to download from.
  5. gameaddict4life

    Let's share our usernames to compare scores in the new Pinball FX

    Since the leaderboards are cross platform we should be able to see everybody's scores. Feel free to add me as a friend on Xbox my gamertag is: Gameaddict8504 I will add you as well. We could also get some digital pinball fans tournaments started at some point. Probably after the first sale :) I...
  6. C

    Pinball FX released

    Well its moved out of early access and is on multiple platforms now. Figure I'd start a general thread for comments. New content with the release: Addams Family Gearbox Collection (Homeworld, Brothers in Arms, Borderlands) Garfield Pinball Marvel Pinball Collection 1 (10 of those tables)
  7. Ian Longstaff

    latest Virtual pinball videos and releases

    Over 30 clips of latast virtual pinball games released this month.
  8. zmcvay

    Pinball FX Founders table migration form

    Sorry if this is old news, this was posted to Reddit 2 weeks ago. I don't usually check the Pinball FX3 reddit and didn't see this posted here. Zen Studios has made a form available for early access founders on Epic to migrate their tables to another platform when FX goes live. Choices are...
  9. Pinballwiz45b

    The Pinball Show S2E10 -- ADDAMS FAMILY?!

    Heretic was right. Last month's news was also a new Zen Original -- Wrath of the Elder Gods.
  10. Pinballwiz45b

    Pinball Show S2 E8 - World Cup Soccer

    2nd time this table has been done, first time completely licensed and authentic. What an announcement. Let's see what Zen does for the Magna Save and Extra Ball buttons. Both are crucial.
  11. Grant

    Zen Studio’s The Pinball Show - September 2022 : reactions and feedback

    A new Pinball Show arrives later today - use this thread for reactions and feedback (or what announcements you’d like)
  12. Grant

    New Feature: Pinball DB

    Hello all I'd like to mention a new feature I've been working on for the site: It's a work in progress, but the aim is to have a database of every digital pinball table, with each one being reviewable. Ideally I'd like to make it so that any established...
  13. N

    OpenSource Williams Emulator: WPC-EMU

    I created a Williams WPC emulator that is running at (open source). I like the visual aspect of that and thats why I started the project. I have NES art prints as well as Pinball related art prints at Hope...
  14. msilcommand

    Any word on Southpark and Super League making it into FX3?

    I thought there was talk last year of them being brought back, but haven't heard anything since. Two fun tables.
  15. G

    Arcooda/Highway Survey

    Got a survey link emailed from an Arcooda email address. First part was "how do you like the software, which one did you purchase" which shows lack of preparation, as they know precisely which software each customer purchased. Second part was "what other pinball/arcade stuff do you own". Last...
  16. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade Pinball Podcast Episodes (128 and higher)

    As a courtesy, here is a thread that contains links to BlahCade episodes 128 and onwards. I'm going to stop doing individual posts here because I think those people who are interested would already be following us on the social media channels we use. But if you're a curmudgeon and hate the...
  17. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 125: Make Your Own We’re a bit light-on for pinball talk this week, so in classic BlahCade Pinball Podcast style we talk about other stuff. The main topic centres around how you would need to tread carefully as a game developer if you were going to make a Pinball...
  18. weirdproq

    PC - Bug Loud Mechanical noise appears after closing the pause menu

    I don't know why, but every time I play this machine on Steam it seems to randomly play this loud mechanical noise. It seems to happen when I close the pause menu. Sometimes it stops after a while, but one time it just kept playing. Then I tried pausing the game and closing the pause menu. It...
  19. T

    1930s - 1950s Pinball Tables for Season 8 and onwards

    Hey, pinball wizards! Glad to see that you're enjoying Farsight Studios' greatest masterpiece of the 2010s: The Pinball Arcade! From its inception in 2012 to present day, we can all agree that we've seen much tables being rendered and reborn, especially Classics such as Williams' "Funhouse" and...
  20. Neko20

    Favorite Movie Table (Any Era)

    Just wanted to do some fun posts and have a series of license based polls. Let me know what you think.

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