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Sep 19, 2014
Sorry if this is old news, this was posted to Reddit 2 weeks ago. I don't usually check the Pinball FX3 reddit and didn't see this posted here.

Zen Studios has made a form available for early access founders on Epic to migrate their tables to another platform when FX goes live. Choices are currently Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Other, PC (they apparently can't say the name of the platform until the Epic PC exclusivity is over). Tables purchased on Epic will remain there as well.

Link to the online form

The original Reddit Post

Deadline is May 5, 2023

Pinball FX Founders! We’d like to thank you for your support over the Early Access period. We’d like to take care of you and your purchases going forward.

We have created a form you can fill out below that will help us grant you all of your purchased tables to one preferred platform.

What does this mean?
In the form, we ask for your in-game ID in the Epic Games version of the game. This will help us identify your account, purchases, and lingering ticket amount. We will also ask you to choose one platform you would like these tables to be gifted to you.

When will I receive the tables on my chosen platform?
You will receive an email from us after the respective launches of the platforms. As we will have to deal with possibly thousands of requests, you might not receive an email the day of, or a couple of days after a platform launch, but we promise we will seek you out. First batch will start in February, after the Xbox/PlayStation launch.

What about my leftover tickets?
We urge you to use these tickets up for tables inside the Epic Games Store now, as you shall receive those on a preferred platform going forward - so you will not lose a purchased table here. If by any chance you would still have some leftover, we will refund them for you after the table gifting starts.

Is there a deadline I can make this request?
Yes, you have until May 5, 2023 to fill out this form.

Please fill out the form:

Again, we would like to thank our founders who helped us shape Pinball FX during the Early Access, tried out our new tables, found bugs, suggested features, and overall talked to us and took part in the community. Pinball is a passion we share, and we aim to deliver much more of it in the future.


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Apr 12, 2012
I'm just not nuts about having to purchase all the Williams Tables AGAIN, after getting them in PBFX3, and after getting them all in PBA.

Honestly, I'm pretty stoked about Visual Pinball in VR nowadays.

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