1. D

    No sound on PA or Stern

    For no apparent reason I have no sound on either Pinball Arcade or Stern. Running on iPad 10.3.3. I tried a hard reset and reinstalled a few times. Turned off Bluetooth an wifi. All other apps and game play sound fine. What in the world could be the problem? Is is 10.3.3? Tia, Doug
  2. P

    Kindle fire 10 intermittent sound

    While running on my fire 7 all was well but since moving to a fire 10 sometimes when I start a table the background sound is missing, I can hear the ball rolling and the jet bumpers, but music and effects are missing, a full restart sometimes cures it but more often than not there is reduced...
  3. M

    Android - sound recently got worse?

    I haven't played TPA in a while, but just fired BSD up and it sounds a lot scratchier than it did, like it's been compressed more aggressively than I'd like. And then there's Starship Troopers... Any hope of a 'download larger assets' option, or something?
  4. weirdproq

    Pinball music

    Don't know if anyone posted a thread about this yet, but I thought I'd start one. Here's a track labeled Blood from X-Files: This guy seems to have a ton of pinball music for download if you check out his/her folder in the link in the descriptions of these videos.
  5. W

    Sound Quality

    The other thread was closed. Any update on a fix for the poor audio quality?
  6. Medieval_Gofers

    Bug One of Pinball's most iconic quotes...missing?

    Another Whirlwind issue. This may be included in the 'other sound issues' Farsight mentioned so it may be fixed soon, but on IOS when starting a game, the quote 'Uh-oh, looks like rain!' Doesn't play. The machine just goes silent for a bit and then the music kicks in at the point when the quote...
  7. Tann

    Your Top #5 favorite sounds on TPA's tables

    Hi everybody, What are your favorite sounds on TPA's tables (or PHoF)? By "favorite sounds", I mean those sounds which give you chills and you will never get bored of they. IMHO, a good sound design is 50% part of pinball fun. Here's my top #5 (with related videos starting at the good...
  8. Tann

    Request The true "Earn a Credit" sound (SHHHTACK!)

    Hi, a very minor request. In Williams Pinball Classics, when you are granted of a credit (replay score reached), the sound was right and loud: SHHHHTTACKgling! (the video starts at the right time, 4mn35s) In TPA, you hardly notice it...

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