1. Gorgar

    Stern Insider

    I haven’t gotten a chance to try it out yet, but Stern has recently implemented something called Stern Insider on their recent machines. What this does is give you the ability to scan a QR code and it will keep track of your scores so that you can compete against other people across the world...
  2. J

    Can I purchase the new Stern tables individually, I already own the old Stern tables

    Dear Pinball Arcade Management Love your table recreations, even Bone Busters. I have gladly paid for each table pack under the old system. It seems like there should be an option for those of us who already purchased all the existing Stern tables to just buy the new ones. Don't gouge your...
  3. Zacattack99

    Williams/Bally omission post-mortem. My Picks revised.

    Like I said about the end of Season 7, don’t loose hope. I don’t have that much to say outside of “hope”. It’s not like they discontinued the game itself or something, let’s try to cope with another 60 from the other 3. I re-did this poll so the last poll’s results won’t count.
  4. spoonman

    Stern Pinball Arcade: Version 1.03 (UPDATE PATCH) 09/19/17 - Let's discuss!

    As per usual, here's a picture of the download from PSN for the devs OK this was weird... The 1.03 download stopped at about 10% from completion and then started up again as a different file size (904.3MB)
  5. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 104: Dessert Fries Blah With the lack of any digital pinball news this week, we honour the "blah" in the show title and go off the playfield into other topics. We talk about some "retro" games (90’s are retro, right) and how there was a tipping...
  6. Stern Pinball Arcade returns to Google Play

    Stern Pinball Arcade returns to Google Play

    Stern Pinball Arcade is coming back on Google Play with a limited release right now. This means, you will only be able to install it, if your device is supported. This is true for newer Samsungs and high end devices. FarSight plans to expand supported devices over time.
  7. Medieval_Gofers

    Stern Pinball Arcade Prices in the UK Question

    Just picked up a new Ipad Air 2, and Stern Pinball Arcade was one of the first things I checked out. Loving Mustang, so I was going to get AC/DC, but all the prices are displayed in dollars (at $9.99), when I go to buy it, the app store tries to charge me £9.99 (the dollar price but in pounds)...
  8. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 56: Stern Pinball App, or Rollercoaster Kickstarter?

    See for show notes (there's a lot of them), links, and timings. It's a huge episode.
  9. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade #25: Small Wheel (no Jackpots lit)

    RSS/Stream/Download: iTunes: It’s time for another weekly installment of madness and pinball. This week your hosts Chris and Jared introduce the focus...
  10. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade #24 - Stern Pinball Arcade Wild Speculation

    RSS/Stream/Download: iTunes: Join hosts Chris Friebus and Jared Morgan, along with Kay Pfitzner, as they briefly discuss the results of...
  11. Canadian365

    Realworld STERN tables Qulaity

    Does anyone else notice that the quality of table parts etc and reliability seems to be tanking on each STERN table release? Is Gary sacrificing quality for money? Sure some interesting topics come up when you talk to people in the know about STERN.
  12. S

    Will We See A Stern / PBA simultaneous release in 2013?

    Bobby King said in a radio interview months ago that Stern noticed an uptick in RBION sales after The Pinball Arcade launched. He said as a result Stern was interested in helping Farsight navigate the licensing minefield to get more Stern tables made. Since hearing that, I've assumed we'd...
  13. dtown8532

    Request Most Wanted Newer Stern Tables - Pick Five

    A poll to see what your most desired newer Stern pins are. Please choose your top five. I had to make some changes due to the limit of 30 entries. Obviously, no older Stern tables. I can do another poll for them. I did not include Ripley's (already available) or Harley Davidson (strongly...

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