1. Pinball FX launches today on Steam, Switch launch expected in July

    Pinball FX launches today on Steam, Switch launch expected in July

    The Steam launch of Pinball FX includes a library of over 100 pinball tables, featuring an assortment of brand new table releases, including Crypt of the NecroDancer, Williams Twilight Zone, and the Godzilla vs Kong Pinball pack which includes three tables such as Godzilla Pinball, Kong Pinball...
  2. Pinball FX coming to Steam on April 13th

    Pinball FX coming to Steam on April 13th

    Pinball FX is coming to Steam on April 13th – with all the tables from early access and consoles. The game is available to add to Steam wishlists now. With the Steam release of the game on, five more tables will make their debut in the game: Godzilla vs Kong Pinball Pack, Twilight Zone, and...
  3. W

    PC - Request Here are my system specs. How should I configure the game, and...

    Do you think I will have any problems running it? Thank you very much. I am happy to have finally joined the community here. Operating System Windows 8.1 64-bit CPU Intel Core i7 4900MQ @ 2.80GHz RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28) Graphics 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M...
  4. Frostyglitch

    Steam Broadcasting Beta

    Good news fellow PC fans. If you hadn't heard Valve has added broadcasting to their Steam Client. That means no extra applications or plugins required, if enabled you can broadcast any game you're playing. I'm hoping they eventually add the ability the play local multiplayer games so we can...
  5. K

    Request Touch Controls for Steam version of Pinball Arcade

    I couldn't find it mentioned anywhere but does anyone know if there any plans for touch controls for Pinball Arcade on steam? I have try running Pinball Arcade on my Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet while it looks "right" it doesn't have the touch controls. I'm hoping it's in there plans because for...
  6. KRYTEN4000gti

    Has anyone heard if the Pro-Packs will be a part of the Steam sale?

    I know that Steam has now started up their holiday sales (2 between now and 2014) and I was wondering if anyone had heard any comments from FS about whether they were planning to participate now that the season/pro packs are officially listed as DLC on the Steam store? Thanks!
  7. Zorgwon

    Android vs. PC

    Played yesterday on Steam and noticed the following: The Steam version has: -lesser graphics -laggier input -one single camera view (and thus probably no switching bugs). Skillshots require really skill and a good memory. -higher prices. One core pack table alone is 7.99 €, 8 times as much as...
  8. enduser2941

    PC - Bug Unable to run the PC version through Steam anymore :(

    Hey guys, Not sure what happened here. I was able to play the PC version with out issue for a the first while I was testing things out, however, recently I have been having a problem. It seems to have all started this way. I had not loaded Steam or any Steam apps in a number of weeks. Last...
  9. S

    Congrats on getting Greenlit on Steam!

    Congrats! The more platforms, the better! Although I do wish we could link our accounts to multiple platforms and not have to re-buy them.
  10. PiN WiZ

    Contact Valve To Request The Pinball Arcade On Steam...DIRECT LINK ENCLOSED!

    Everyone that's looking to contact Valve to request The Pinball Arcade on Steam should focus their efforts on the link below. Select "Contact Valve" from the drop down box, enter your e-mail address in the appropriate box and enter "Bring The Pinball Arcade To Steam" in the subject box, then...

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