the pinball arcade

The Pinball Arcade is a pinball video game developed by FarSight Studios. The game is a simulated collection of real pinball tables licensed by Gottlieb, Alvin G. and Company, and Stern Pinball, a company which also owns the rights of machines from Data East and Sega Pinball. Williams and Bally games are no longer available since June 30, 2018, as FarSight had lost the license to WMS properties, which has since passed to Zen Studios.
  1. O

    Pro Menu upgrades for TPA - Xbox 360

    steps into the silent message board… Hi all, if anyone sees this… I’m trying to find out how the ‘Pro Menu’ updates were delivered to Xbox 360 users, all those years ago. According to the Wikipedia page on TPA, a number of the tables received these updates on 360 as well as other platforms...
  2. FarSight's The Pinball Arcade to return to Google Play, though is "mostly end of life"

    FarSight's The Pinball Arcade to return to Google Play, though is "mostly end of life"

    Players of Farsight's The Pinball Arcade on Android devices may have had an issue if they bought a new device recently as the game is no longer available on the Google Play store. We reached out to FarSight to find out what was happening, and Community Manager, Mike Lindsey, told us "We are...
  3. Which Williams tables that were previously on The Pinball Arcade would you like next from Pinball FX?

    Which Williams tables that were previously on The Pinball Arcade would you like next from Pinball FX?

    So far, Zen Studio's have reproduced 19 Williams/Bally tables that were previously available on Farsight's The Pinball Arcade. So which classic would you like to see them tackle next? Speaking of tackling, we have omitted World Cup/Champion Soccer from the poll as Zen have given a few hints that...
  4. spoonman

    Pinball Arcade and Stern Arcade PS4 running on the PS5

    I wasn't sure if this has been discussed yet, but with the PS5 system only a few months away, I have been thinking about this. Hopefully it can be sorted out since I plan on replacing my launch model PS4 with a PS5, and would like to continue playing pinball on it. Also, with the higher clock...
  5. msilcommand

    Arcade Expo 2019 with Strength in Gaming

    My friends, Samson and Sal, from Strength in Gaming (podcast) at Arcade Expo 2019 in Banning, CA.
  6. msilcommand

    Could TPA benefit from allowing users to adjust the table angle?

    I hear a lot about the "floaty" ball in TPA, and now that I have played the Williams tables on FX3, you can see a very marked difference in the speed of the game. Fx3 is an overall faster game, but did they opt for a 7 degree angle feel on their emulated tables, or more, for that faster play...
  7. msilcommand

    How do you feel about the sound quality?

    Zen went with a clean stereo sound for their Williams tables, rather than the nostalgic, semi-distorted boxy sound of a live machine that Farsight went with. I like both, personally. I think both approaches fit the style and experience of each game.
  8. Arcooda

    Kinect Support for Free to all Arcooda Pinball Arcade Customers

    We have now finished Kinect support for our Generic standalone customers and customers should have received an email with information on how to update their current software. Please note that there are minimum user requirements (such as Windows 10, Kinect V2 drivers/etc, and XBOX One camera) but...
  9. spoonman

    Request Req: Please tweak lighting for washed out high gamma tables. Dark room should be dark

    I've brought this up a couple of times in the version update threads, but they don't get addressed, probably because they get buried too quickly, so I wanted to set it up as its own topic thread in hopes that it will get attention. Please bring the lighting back down to either what it was in...
  10. spoonman

    Request Darker room lighting. Matching that of Stern Pinball Arcade

    I've posted this a couple of times in the patch update areas, but its either going unseen or there isn't much interest in it. I just think the lighting looks so much more impressive when the table gamma is set lower. Otherwise it just looks a bit washed out. So would it be possible to make the...
  11. Cabinet Mode for TPA via Arcooda Software

    Cabinet Mode for TPA via Arcooda Software

    FarSight has been working on custom software with Arcooda, makers of video pinball cabinets. This is the cabinet mode many have been clamoring for, but it's no mere camera angle port. Unfortunately the announcement of the loss of the WMS license has put a huge kink in Arcooda's plans, mainly...
  12. P

    Request Why don't we have any Microsoft XBOX ONE season table discounts? $30+ per season

    Why don't we have any season table discounts for the XBOX ONE? I asked once in the PinballArcade Live Twitch feed ( and they guys said something about Microsoft not inviting them to have sales/discounts. Anyone know what that means, why can't they...
  13. E

    Pinball Arcade Interface New Design

    I created a new design concept for The Pinball Arcade interface. It's not perfect, there are things I will still add/change, but let me know what you think! Also check out my blog post I wrote about the new design.
  14. Pinballwiz45b

    ReplayFX 2017: More Scores!

    Let's get right to it. Pictures: Dialed In: The first game I aimed for, and it's such a blast to play! I sucked at it, but it didn't stop me from enjoying it! Scored 130,370 after getting one multiball...
  15. T

    Request PS4 / Camera view

    I both play ZP2 & TPA on my PS4, but I notice that I play ZP2 quite a bit more compared to the TPA ones (although I own all the tables from both games). They reason is mainly that on ZP2, wih certain views (like view 3) the camera tilts to the upper part of the table when the ball is there. This...
  16. Pinballwiz45b

    ReplayFX 2016

    Twice as big as last year, but very organized for all of Saturday. Let's hop right in. Some pinball machines just killed me outright, no matter how hard I tried. Some of the games were in tournament mode, so that's probably why they seemed so brutal. Here's the following, all scattered...
  17. spoonman

    Showing the 22 different lighting settings on the PS4 version of Pinball Arcade 1.12

    I had some spare time so I decided to see how many different levels of lighting are actually possible with the lighting setting slider in 1.12 on the PS4. It turned out to be 22. Here is a quick video showing all 22 screen grabs in quick succession. It goes by very quickly! :P If I were to...
  18. V

    Request The Shadow and World Cup Soccer

    I see that there are still two spots for tables in Season 5 after the Doctor Who table, so I think it would be wise to add these two classic tables into the game now. The Shadow is one of the best tables out there, actually being ranked 29th highest right now on Pinside, and should not be that...
  19. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 41: Zen Studios Star Wars Tables

    LinksStream/Download/RSS: iTunes: T-shirts: SummaryThere is so much...
  20. spoonman

    Request Please remove the awful, giant PINBALL ARCADE watermark from video recordings. Thanks

    I've been looking forward to using the PS4's sharing feature to share videos of The Pinball Arcade. I'm really annoyed when watching it back on YouTube to, not only see a large square watermark on the screen, but also see that it covers a large part of the DMD. Why?! Here is an example...