1. B

    PSA: Tournament ongoing (Feb 3 - 10)

    Tournament started last Friday, 20 minute timer. Tables: Dr. Dude - Pin*Bot - Space Shuttle - No Good Go'fers - Haunted House - Junk Yard - F14 Tomcat - TX-Sector Discussion here:
  2. B

    PSA: Tournament ongoing (Feb 3 - 10)

    Tournament started last Friday, 20 minute timer. Tables: Dr. Dude - Pin*Bot - Space Shuttle - No Good Go'fers - Haunted House - Junk Yard - F14 Tomcat - TX-Sector Discussion here:
  3. P

    Tournament Results crashes TPA

    Having just finished 16th in the Silver Tournament, when entering the Tournament to see results screen, it briefly shows a text window then immediately crashes back to Kindle Menu, Kindle Fire 10.
  4. B

    Tourney Feb 27-Mar 04

    Didn't see it advertised yet, but there's a tourney starting this weekend (late Friday North American time): PSN Tables: High Roller Casino Cyclone No Good Go'fers Cue Ball Wizard Space Shuttle Black Hole Tales of the Arabian Nights Flight 2000
  5. B

    PSN Tournament starting July 31st

    We're back to PSN as it appears to include the PS4; wonder if they are on the same leaderboards. From Newsletter 40: PS4/PS3/Vita (7/31) Starship Troopers® Space Shuttle™ Whirlwind™ Firepower™ Victory™ Haunted House™ Flight 2000™ Junk Yard™ Looks like an...
  6. B

    Tournament starting March 6, 2015

    For those not getting/reading the FS Newsletter (#36), a new PS3/VITA tournament will start March 6. Tables: High Speed Lights, Camera, Action Whodunnit Black Knight 2000 Diner Dracula Fish Tales Black Rose I love most of these tables (with the notable exception of Fish Tales), so it looks...
  7. B

    Tournament starting Feb 6 2015

    For those not getting/reading the FS Newsletter, a new PS3/VITA tournament (*) will start February 6. Tables: Fish Tales High Speed Bride of Pin*bot Tee'd Off Eldorado: City of Gold Gorgar Centaur Big Shot WARNING: since we haven't heard anything from FS re the...
  8. B

    December 2014 Tournament

    a.k.a. New Year's Tournament as it ended in 2015 in GMT. Here are the GOLD Tier results I captured around 5pm Atlantic (9pm GMT) with still about 4 hours left to go. WHIRLWIND ========= Ginjuraga 85.256,320 aquinty 77,229,750 Massive_Drake76 69,983,480 ATTACK FROM MARS ================...
  9. B

    PSN July Tournament Results

    GOLD LEVEL Final Results: 01. TOUGE_KILLER ....... 737 02. Sir_Moovenstein .... 709 03. Krakehz ............ 648 04. Chopin6868 ......... 608 05. willdollarbill08 ... 606 06. Caps_Lock420 ....... 605 07. thepindo ........... 605 08. xxtritium03xx ...... 605 09. harry82988 ......... 593 10...
  10. P

    Las Vegas Pinball & Arcade/Console Tournament

    Wednesday June 11th. Registration at 5pm. Start time at 6pm. Pinball tournament with IFPA points. $10.00 entry Arcade/Console tournament $10.00 entry. You can play in either or both. Playing in both qualifies you for winning top overall Tournament player. Go to...
  11. P

    Pinball Poker Tournament - Las Vegas, NV

    Pinball Poker Run April 22nd, 2013 Practice play opens at 4:30pm Registration opens at 5pm till 5:55pm Tournament start time at 6pm WPPR points $20.00 buy-in Games on Free play 1st place 50% 2nd place 30% 3rd place 15% 4th place 5% Poker portion - Prizes awarded to top 4 poker hands! Round 1...
  12. P

    February Pinball Tournament in Las Vegas

    February 17th, 2014 Registration 5pm-5:45 Start Time 6pm Three Strikes & You're out. $15.00 buy-in Places 1-6 paid Prizes for 1-6th as well Side Tournament on Metallica Pro $1.00 entry 1st and 2nd paid WPPR Points Fliperspiel Wunderland 6000 S. Eastern Ave LV, NV 89119 Behind...
  13. Sean DonCarlos

    We Need Quiet...............MISS IT!!!

    Got to try my hand at helping run a competitive pinball event (the 2013 Missouri Open at the Third Rail Bar and Grill) instead of playing in one yesterday. A long day, but thankfully I just had to deal with registration and scoring and bracketology (head-to-head matches in a double elimination...
  14. Canadian365

    PS3 IOS STTNG Kickstarer Tournament

    I'm just curious to how some players are able to get over 50 billion in PS3 STTNG tournament. Also how some have over 400 billion in table standings leader boards. Are some people hacking, cheating somehow. I can only manage just over 5 billion so far playing for about 30 minutes. How do...
  15. N

    User Tournament

    Farsight, I love your product, but the number of tournaments is too few. I propose that user tournaments be initiated. I am willing to provide root level hosting for the project with full php and database support. My vision is to put up a website which has several pages: 1) Score and screenshot...
  16. Liverslapper

    Tournament Awards & Questions

    From the old PlayStation 3 tournament held a couple months ago, there was word of prizes for those top finishers. Is there any updates on when these items will be distributed? I checked the forums and I found no information regarding this. I have one more question. Is this Twilight Zone...
  17. G

    Tournament scores aren't posting for me last 24 hours. Anyone else?

    As the subject lines suggests, my scores aren't posting, both on my iPad I and iPad II. On Centaur I beat the high score (I had something like 22,000,000 plus) and it didn't post, even thought my screen said it was posted. And on Believe It Or Not I vastly improved my score and it didn't...
  18. Carl Spiby

    Request My proposed changes to Tournament mode

    Under the current system it favours those of us with a lot of time to 'grind' away at the tables to obtain the best scores. My proposition is that we change it into a credit based system, you get 1 credit per day, with that credit it enables you to play through the bank of tables once. If you...

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